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Letterman retiring

and he's taking Paul

Okay, by now everyone knows that David Letterman announced he'll be retiring from the Late Show next year.[1] And it sounds like he's taking Paul Shaffer with him.[1][2]

This leaves many fans to wonder who might be able to replace Dave (sorta). I remember watching David Letterman when he had a morning show and I certainly admired how well he handled himself through controversy (and dare I say, scandal).
Once he became a father, I noticed he "softened" a bit more - he was gentler and kinder when he interviewed certain celebrities.
Clearly, he can recognize true talent. He will be missed.

But, the show must go on

After skimming a bunch of articles about who should replace Dave, I was pleasantly surprised that many fans would like to see a female in the role. And I agree with some obvious contenders - but there is a woman who came to my mind immediately (that I haven't seen mentioned).

5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The whole "Seinfeld curse"[3][4] thing appears to be conquered by Julia Louis-Dreyfus who recently won an Emmy for the HBO series Veep.[5] I highly doubt she'd consider hosting the Late Show, but I've always been impressed by her storytelling ability and how down-to-earth she comes across in person.

Her comedic talent is unquestioned[6] and I'm certain she'd be stellar - however, I know it'd be a long shot to see her in Dave's role.

Up next, enjoy this short clip of her acceptance speech at the Emmy's:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Emmy Acceptance Speech

The Tonight Show

4. Tina Fey

With Amy Poehler?

Having been on SNL and the show's first female head writer,[7] she'd also be great. Tina might have more creative ventures to get out of her system though, before settling into a steady late night hosting gig. Just my observation, but I can see her getting bored with it - too many creative juices churning in that one. Plus her and Amy Poehler make such a fantastic comedic team.

Of course, she'd be brilliant - just look at her in 30 Rock or the string of movies she's done.[8] I wonder what her thoughts are. Somehow I think hosting the Golden Globes with Amy Poehler and their separate acting careers are enough, for now:

The 71st Golden Globes

Best Of Tina Fey And Amy Poehler

3. Samantha Bee with hubby Jason Jones

Yes I'm Canadian and I'm extremely biased

I think Sam Bee[9][10] would be brilliant. Her and hubby Jason Jones promised to work together,[11] so they'd make a fabulous pairing to host the Late Show. I often wonder if they could use their Canadian "guilt tripping" abilities to convince fellow Canadian Paul Shaffer to stay. Hmmm.

The deal is, I also had Whoopi Goldberg[12] in mind for third place, but then found out she wouldn't do it. She was quoted as saying, "I have a job here. I work for ABC."[13]

I used to watch The View[14] on occasion. And I have to admit, Whoopi was the one person I seemed to agree with the most. She's a solid, well-rounded person and a hilarious comedian. I also adore her ability to tackle controversial issues and break down all the BS that mainstream thinking entails.

She has the guts to disagree with people - yet she provides good reasons why.

Yet, Sam Bee would be amazing with her hubby. I think that Canadian comedians have trouble securing a long-term, decent paying gig here (re: Jon Dore, Jeremy Hotz, and perhaps Ed the Sock came close though). I have no idea if Sam Bee would even consider it, but I had to toss her hat in the ring once I found out Whoopi wouldn't do it.

Rarely can I access Daily Show clips since

I'm Canadian, but I found a Dove Truth Files clip:

2. Chelsea Handler

I know she could do it, she's daring and edgy. I wonder, though, if Chelsea might not get every guest to appear (that the network would want). And perhaps, she might be too interesting at times - making her guests pale in comparison. Similar to how I feel about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, there might be too many creative juices flowing in her.

Yet, her contract ends this year as talk show host of Chelsea Lately on E![15][16] Purportedly, she's "in talks" with CBS [about Dave's job].[15]

And, I like the idea of having a strong female role model who takes risks to fill Dave's spot. She appears to be one of the most promising candidates (at least, according to the articles I've read). The following clips illustrate the depth of her comedic talent:

Canadians will "get" this short clip

Chelsea Handler apologizes to Vancouver's mayor

Best of Chelsea Handler's Appearances

The Tonight Show

1. Cher

You might find Cher an odd pick - but think about it. She's done it all and I think life on the road must be exhausting. As a child, I watched Sonny and Cher.[17] She can do comedy, she can do anything serious. She's a solid entertainer. If Cher called me up and said, "We'd love to have you on the show," I'd be there, yesterday. Wouldn't you? Who'd say no to Cher?

After reading more about her life,[18] I came to appreciate her even more. She's well aware of all the pitfalls of fame and I think she'd be able to recognize talent a mile away.

When Sonny died, she honored him in such an endearing and respectful manner. She has compassion for the struggles of women and anyone disadvantaged in society, really. Whenever I've watched her being interviewed, I've always come away thinking OMG she's wise.

She's the kind of person I feel I could open up to about the hardest times in my life. I feel Cher would be an incredible interviewer - one who would convey the same compassion as Oprah. Actually, Cher is my top pick to replace Dave.

May 22nd, 1986 Cher speaks her mind

Cher calls Dave an asshole (scroll to 3:45 mark)

Cher talks to Dave about Chaz

She helps to explain societal misconceptions

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