Weddings are the time of combining something old and something new. The latest trend in wedding rings, rose gold, mixes old and new perfectly. In-style brides now stay on trend while paying homage to our past. They choose a ring that stands out from the sea of white gold wedding bands and ties to long-term classics: the rose gold wedding band.

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Why Rose Gold?

Rose is white-hot. The blueish pink hue is a distinctly feminine option that harkens to the rings of our grandmothers. Rosy-toned jewelry and wedding rings were common in our grandmothers' day, and are classics for the ages. As with yellow and white wedding sets, demand for rose gold is cyclical. Popularity rises and falls slightly over time, yet is always considered a lovely classic in any era regardless of the trend.

Today, fashionistas prize the pinkish color for its femininity and the way it flatters their skin tone. A good quality alloy has a gentle richness and showcases best with classic timeless designs. Jewelers will tell you, rose gold is the only rose that lasts forever.

What is Rose Gold Anyway? 

Credit: like white gold, you'll never find rose in a mine. Rose gold is created by mixing pure gold with copper. Gold is always yellow in its natural state. Jewelry manufacturers make an alloy of gold and copper to create the rosy color we love.

If you've looked in the jewelry store you've probably seen different shades of pink in rose gold. The color differences come from variations in the amount and quality of copper in the metal alloy. You can tell how much gold the wedding set contains by the carat rating.

A 22 carat rose gold ring is 91.6% gold and 8.4% copper. If the rings are rated as 18 carats they will be 75% gold, and at 14 carats will contain 58.5%. The non-gold portions will be a mix of silver and copper. More silver creates a pinker gold, while more copper creates a redder version. Try on a few variations to see which color you prefer, your tastes and skin tones will be your guide.

What Styles of Rose Gold Engagement Sets Should We Consider?


Vintage-styled rose wedding rings tend to follow traditional motifs. With these sets you'll see filigree, floral motifs, and milgrain styling. With these time-honored designs you will feel the connection to history and the generations before us every time you look at your ring.

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Modern Classic

Modern styles mix old and new by casting rose gold into modern lines. A strong trend is to pair rose metal with white gold or platinum in the bands. With these two-tone wedding sets you will have a true modern classic that you will cherish all your days.

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