Rose Petal Soap

In a relaxing bath, one can imagine rose petals scattered throughout the expanse of tub water, perpetually going to wherever inside the tub the small ripples take them. It is a refreshing, and natural, sight to see – it gives a sense of tranquility and utmost rejuvenation. This effect gives us not the simplest hint of wonder why rose petals are commonly seen is spas. These petals are widely used in aromatherapy either as dried petals or as an essential oil. But there is another way of enjoying the beneficial effects of rose petals without having to go to a local spa.

Enter rose petal soap. The soap is a great way for you to take in the goodness of rose petals if you do not have the luxury of a tub in your home or you simply do not have the time to do so. The medicinal effects of rose petal oil – or rose petals scattered in a bath – on the skin are carried over to the soap suds. It can also be great as a gift to friends and family so that everyone can indulge themselves of the wonders of rose petal soap as well.

A look back on the rose

Roses are ornamental plants of the family Rosaceae. These can be present in shrubs and climbing plants. Flowers are large and appear in different colors; their stalks are thorny. Roses are notable among horticulturists in its ability to hybridize, leading to many variations of roses. These are great ornamental plants due to the flowers; many impressive gardens usually include different varieties and colors of garden roses. In any occasion, roses are almost always present: these are common on Valentine's Day, weddings, and women's birthdays. Extract from rose hips are made into tea which has anti-depressant and sedative effects – it helps in calming the mind and relieves headaches. Extracts from rose petals, on the other hand, alleviate sore throat, and helps in maintaining the digestive and circulatory systems.

Rose petal soap is non-toxic as a result of the absence of chemicals typically present in commercial soap. It works great if you have dry, delicate or aging skin. It has a tonic effect on capillaries underneath skin; rose petal soap can reduce the swelling of capillaries and thus diminish redness. It relieves edema and regulates body fluid flow and homeostasis.

Producing rose petal soap

There are two common methods of producing rose petal soap: one through the traditional "cold process" in soap-making which is not recommended for rose petal soap as lye can turn rose petals dark; and one which requires melting of a soap base and combining this with a mixture of rose petal essential oil with other natural oil into a mold.

Making rose petal soap through melting and molding is the logical choice here. First you need to melt a soap base in a double boiler, preferably a glycerin soap base – because glycerin has a great effect on skin. An alternative would be cutting a soap base into smaller chunks manageable for a microwave oven to melt these. While melting, you need to extract the essences out from rose petals through boiling these petals with water for about ten minutes. After that, remove the rose petals and set them aside on a tissue paper. Mix about four drops of rose essential oil, 4-6 drops of red or pink food color, and the petals into the melted glycerin. Stir until mixed well. Prepare the molds by applying mineral oil so that the concoction won't stick to the casts; then pour the soap mixture. Spray rubbing alcohol over each blend and leave to dry for six hours.

Buying rose petal soap

If you prefer to buy some rose petal soap, try to visit your local health shop, or contact some resellers or suppliers of you happen to know one. A 250 gram bar of rose petal soap can cost you for as low as about $5.25 on This soap are usually imported from locations such as France and India, so you need to shell some amount for shipping costs, if there is a need to pay for a delivery.


Roses are wonderful things to give to your loved ones in any occasion as the flower is a symbol of love. A bouquet carries a touch of love and care from you. The next time you want to give a bouquet to your female loved one, you may want to include a bar of rose petal soap with it. Not only have you made her happy, you might as well make her healthier.