By: J. Marlando

I love roses and I think most of the entire world’s population does—when I was the young boy I had two favorite plants in our yard—the lilac bush and the rose bush. I can still recall my grandmother talking to all her flowers and telling them how beautiful they were and that she loved them. I talked to them too and made them happy!

Last evening my wife cut two roses from our yard and put them in a small vase and left them on my desk. That made me happy!

Roses are the most romantic flowers on the planet; they are delicate, lovely and very feminine. They have been a favorite for weddings, anniversaries and other happy occasions for hundreds of years. And more, a bouquet of roses as a surprise gift to wives, girlfriends, moms, grandmothers and sisters always serve to simply say I love you.

Red roses are typically the romantic gift but the beauty of all roses tends to touch our hearts no matter what color. 


The ancient history of the rose is intriguing and grows just about everywhere at least in the Northern Hemisphere. It is thought that the Chinese were first to cultivate the blooms in prideful gardens some 500 years before Jesus. Roses were given much importance in ancient Mesopotamia.  And, the Persians loved the flower. They made rose wine out of rose pedals which makes rose pedal wine one of the most ancient of all wines. Anyway, the oldest rose fossil to be found to date was discovered in Colorado and is more than 35 million years old. (Researchers say that flower fossils—not resembling our modern roses or daisies—may prove older than 140 million years). And while we’re on the subject of old age one of the world’s oldest growing rose bushes is over 1000 years old and growing in the courtyard of Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.


In the ancient and Greek mythologies the red rose rose(115344) was associated with the goddess of love: In Greece Aphrodite rose(115345)in Rome Venus roses(115346) and the very scent of roses symbolized the Norse goddess of love and marriage, Frigga roses(115347)In our modern day culture the rose not only symbolizes love but of devotion and fidelity; a major reason why roses decorate just about all marriage ceremonies.

Rose bushes in bloom certainly add beauty and grace to any yard roses(115348)and as beautiful and delicate as they are, they are truly easy to grow. For bare root planting simply pick out a pot, put a healthy mixture of planting soil in, go to your nursery and by you starter plant and you’re good to go. It’s good to soak you the roots of your rose plant before planting, however!

You can plant and start rosesroses(115349) from cuttings too which is actually cloning.

Once you’ve chosen a healthy bush to take your clipping from plant them in your pot immediately and water. Watering is tricky, however, since with cuttings if you water to much you can cause them to rot. Also, with new cutting it is always good to create a greenhouse effect to keep moister in the air. You can use a plastic bag from the supermarket depending on the size of your pot. The alternative is to use a spray bottle two or three times a day. That’s what we do when we do our bare rooting.

I like planting in the groundroses(115351)The major thing to remember when planting besides adding planting soil to your natural dirt is to make sure your rose bush is going to get at least six hours of sun a day.

If you happen to be new to planting, the nursery person will be glad to help you with all you need to grow roses and most will advise you even if you are going to use cuttings. Oh yes, an interesting tip: When you cut a stem for planting from your existing rose bush, take your cutting from a blooming stem. If you take a cutting from a non-blooming stem you will clone a non-blooming bush.

No matter how you decide to plant your rosesroses(115352) there is a ton of great Google How-to articles and I have never been to a nursery that hasn’t been gracious about offering help and advice.

Roses are beautiful, historical and romantic. There is simply a mystique about the lovely blooms that we all feel in our heartsroses(115350) something perhaps of universal love.