red rosesBuying roses for Valentine's Day to give to that special someone in your life has become a commonplace occurrence in today's society. It has become so common (and vital) that many flower companies depend on this special date to remain in business. It's not exactly hard to figure out why the rose is chosen to be gifted to a loved one.

History has been kind to the relationship between the rose and love; stories abound from times long ago to the present that reminds us of that connection. Has this long standing tradition become a little too mundane, a little too easy and a little too commercial? Below are some serious and not so serious reasons on whether the act of giving roses for Valentine's Day is still romantic or incredibly outdated.

Arguments for Giving Roses on Valentine's Day

• A secret language is hidden among the various colors of roses.
- Two red roses with entwined stems. (a promise of marriage)
- Red and white roses given together can signify unity.
- Yellow (joy and friendship)
- Pink (appreciation)
- Red (love)
- Orange (passion and excitement)
• The rose has been one of the most well known symbols for love since ancient times.
• It's a safe bet. If you are unsure if she would like a heart shaped pendant or a box of exotic chocolates then roses will always be acceptable.
• Every woman wants to feel loved and she certainly doesn't mind that others know this. A lot of roses are delivered during work time hours because of this reason.

Arguments Against Giving Roses for Valentine's Day

• Women only spend half as much as men do on this "day of love," and I think I know why (see point below).
• The price of roses mysteriously spike up in price to as much as 40% on this day. I wonder why. Hmmm.
• Everybody does it. There is a real lack of thought and imagination in giving roses for Valentine's Day.
• Flower companies are super busy on this day. God help you if they don't deliver her roses on the big day (it can happen).
• Everyone hates being manipulated by "the man." Companies have conditioned men that they should give flowers on Feb. 14th.

Alternatives for Giving Roses on Valentine's Day

• Of all the flowers and their meanings, roses are perhaps the most well known to send a message of love, but they are not the only flower that can convey love. A few examples include Gardenia (secret love), red Tulip (declaration of love), and dark red Carnations (my heart aches for you).
• Plan the perfect romantic date (favorite love song included).
• Send a candy bouquet, edible fruit arrangement or a cookie bouquet.
• A really good pair of comfortable pajamas, not lingerie.
• If you're dead set on giving roses for Valentine's Day, why not get a hardy, easy to grow variety of rose bush? Both of you could share in setting it out.

A lot of men wake up on Valentine's Day and are faced with the realization that roses have to play a major role in the day's events, but that doesn't have to be true. If you feel confident enough to try a little something different and try to think of some other cool gift ideas instead of doing what everyone else is doing, the rewards could pay off big. This article was never meant to be a black and white argument on whether giving roses for Valentine's Day has gotten to be outdated. This article was written to make you think. The ultimate decision is yours.

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