Rosewood veneer

is commonly used on modern wood furniture in order to give the classic appearance of rosewood, without having to spend the extra espenses of actually building it completely from that type of timber. Veneer is very popular because it can give a classic and beautiful look to a piece of furniture while allowing lighter and cheaper materials to be used to construct the base. Part of the reason that rosewood veneer in particular is so popular is that there are many types of rosewood that have gone extinct, or are now protected, meaning that some looks from antique furniture are gone and never coming back. Veneer can be a way around this particular problem.

One of the most common things about veneer is that it usually comes in shades and patterns that are common with rarer and more expensive woods. There isn't really any good reason for a pine veneer when you can get normal pine wood for really cheap. Mahogany or rosewood on the other hand can be extremely expensive, or out right impossible to find depending on the particular color or texture. Danish redwood furniture can still be found, but anything from Madagascar is done. There's the antiques and there will probably never be new mahogany or rosewood from that nation. There is where the rosewood veneer can come in as being really handy.

Some pieces of furniture are much more practical for veneer than others. For example, a rosewood dining room table chair is probably never going to have veneer as opposed to being made completely from timber. A large work desk, dining room table, or sofa frame has large chunks of wood, and a thin veneer going over the top can actually make a lot of sense to improve the overall appearance. However, with something like a chair it's completely impractical! The chair has to be put together from wood pieces, and there isn't room for a veneer over the top. That's why certain pieces of furniture are far ore likely to be found with veneer than others.

Rosewood has always been a popular choice for woodworking furniture pieces because of the timber's natural color and beauty, in addition to its ability to take stain very well. If you simply can't afford the price tag that often comes with high level furniture, then rosewood veneer might be the best solution for getting furniture that looks like a million dollars, but doesn't break your wallet like the real thing.