A gift box containing a simple bird table and a variety of bird food can be the start of an engrossing hobby. The bird table is made from two pieces of rough timber nailed together with battens to strengthen the table and with a lip around the edge to prevent nuts and seeds from rolling off. String is tied to a hook in each corner so the table can be hung in a tree, out of reach of predators. To complete the gift box, roll plastic post diagonally in squares of brown paper to form cones and add some different types of bird food.

Things You Will Need

rough timber, 10x5x1/2 inch (x2), battens, 10x1x1 inch (x2) and 11x2x1/2inch (x4), nails, hammer, wood preservative, paintbrush, 4 brass hooks, 2 yards sisal string, scissors

Step 1

Join the two pieces of rough timber by positioning them side by side and placing the two 10-inch battens across the wood, one at each end. Nail the battens securely in place to make the base.

Step 2

Nail the four 11-inch lengths of batten around the edges of the flat side of the table, allowing a lip of at least 1 inch.

Step 3

Paint all the surfaces of the table with wood preservative and let dry.

Step 4

Screw a brass hook into each corner.

Step 5

Cut the sisal string into four equal lengths and tie a small loop in one end of each piece. Attach each loop to a hook, then gather up the strings above the table and tie in a loop for hanging. There is immense pleasure to be had from knowing that you are helping the wild bird population thrive and from watching the number of species that come to feed daily in your back yard.

Tips & Warnings

Specialty bird seed manufacturers are able to provide information on which types of seed attract particular species of bird.