Round tables for sale are great choice for just about any home. Their contemporary designs are often more appealing for certain settings and surrounding decor. In this article we'll take a look at some of the best kinds to look for, whether you want a folding, banquet, plastic, used, small or large 60-inch model. After reading the information provided, you should have very little trouble in your quest to buy round tables for sale.

Small Round Tables for Sale

Getting a small stand can be very convenient for the available space you have as well as your wallet. A small piece of furniture will naturally be cheap when compared to large ones being that they are made with less material. Just about every major company has a few small round tables to choose from. Take a look at five of the best models to consider:
  • ORE Small Cherry Stand 15.5" D x 20.5"
  • JCPenney Small Studio Stand 18" D x 22"
  • Artesia Small Accent Stand 20" D x 22.25"
  • Winsome Small Wood Dining Stand with Metal Leg 28.7" D x 29.5" H
  • Kartell Miss Balu Small Indoor/Outdoor Pedestal 25.25" D x 28.5" H

Large Round Tables for Sale

If you need something for eating on, getting a large model would probably be best, especially if there will be more than one of you eating on it. Most people like large round tables that have a 60-inch diameter. Anything bigger than a 60-inch surface might be too large for your own good and could easily become cluttered with junk, making it a "catch-all". There are many big models available. Below is a list of some of the most popular kinds with a 60-inch top.
  • Darlee Darlee Series 30 Cast Aluminum Large 60-Inch (29" H)
  • Lloyd Flanders 71060 Grand Traverse Large 60-Inch Umbrella Dining Stand (29" H)
  • Sonata Large 60-Inch Dark Merlot Finish (30" H)
  • Alfresco Home Manchego Large 60-Inch Outdoor Dining Set
  • Amish Direct Furniture Large 60-Inch Oak Dining Stand

Plastic Round Tables for Sale

If you want one of these made out of plastic, your options are kind of limited as there is not a whole lot to choose from. The Palm Springs Outdoor 45" portable plastic round tables are some of the best models out there. They are constructed from UV-resistant polyethylene which makes them last longer than most other plastic types. Built to be used outdoors, they're so durable that they simply cannot be cracked, chipped, or peeled. They are a folding-style, which makes them very convenient and portable, and they only weigh about 9 pounds. You can find these plastic round tables for sale on Amazon for about $150, and it will last you many years. You likely won't find a better deal for a product like this anywhere else.

Banquet Round Tables for Sale

Banquet stands are a very simple design but they do the job just fine. Most banquet-styles are collapsible and portable which is nice. Banquet round tables are excellent for card games as they are the perfect size and can easily be stored away when they're not being used. There usually isn't anything special about these types of furniture, but here are some popular models to consider:

  • Target's Collapsible 48" Banquet Stand
  • Iceberg 1200 Series 60-Inch IndestrucTable Resin Collapsible Banquet Stand
  • Lifetime 48" White Granite Collapsible Banquet Stand
  • Lorell Folding Banquet Stands
  • Midwest Banquet Series

Folding Round Tables for Sale

Folding and collapsible models are always high in demand for their obvious convenience. It's always nice to be able to whip one out and store it away when you happen to have some guests over or you and your buddies want to play poker. You can find folding round tables for sale all over the place due to their popularity, and because of this there are a ton of companies, sizes, and styles to choose from. Take a look at some of the most popular folding-styles to look for:

  • Lifetime Almond 4-foot Polyethylene Stand with Folding Legs
  • Iceberg 1200 Series Folding Round Tables
  • Plush Cinnamon or Chocolate Folding Stand
  • Bretford Folding Half-Moon Style
  • National Public Seating 48" Indoor/Outdoor Folding Stand

Used Round Tables for Sale

Buying a used piece of furniture has its pros and cons. On one hand, you know you're going to be saving money on whatever you're getting, and that's always fun. However, you also run the risk of getting a poor-quality product. Used round tables for sale can be found online from many reputable sites like eBay and CraigsList, but you need to be careful who you buy from and pay attention to the details of each product. Even though those sites present the best selection for cheap prices, you might be better off looking for used furniture like this from companies that specialize in buying them from people and restoring them. By doing this, you won't have to worry about getting any used round tables that fall apart right away or need repairs and touching up. They may not be as cheap as what you find from private sellers, but it will be well worth the few extra bucks.