Dining tables are the most important furniture in your dining area. In fact, this is the center of activities in your dining room. It is important that we choose the right dining table in terms of size and shape.

A dining table can be square or it could be rounded. The important factor in choosing the dining table is to determine which size and shape will best work for you.

A square dining table can be positioned against the wall, on the side or in the middle of the room. Therefore, the positioning of your square dining table is very flexible. If you have scarce space in the room, a square table will fit in. Also, a square table has double functionality.

You can do office works because it would be easier to organize your documents in a square size table. One advantage of square dining table is that it has corners that give an extra space for various functionalities.

However, you have to lean in order to speak with a household when some one is sitting in between both of you while dining. Further, one should take in consideration the size of the room versus the size of the square table.

A table that would come too long or too big could be more of a nuisance than of comfort. There should be enough space on each of the four sides of the table for the house hold to move with out difficulty. An eight seat square dining table should be at least 48" to 58" in width and at least up to three feet long.

A rounded table should be positioned in the middle of the room. It will not work by positioning it against the wall. There should be a considerable space on each part of the table.

However, a round table can work for smaller dining area because it occupies less space. More so, the members of the house hold would be able to see each other as they gather during dining. There will be no need to lean on the person next to you if you are talking to some one quite far from your seat.

There is an easy visual on each member of the family. Hence, this is very applicable for families who are dining and bonding as well. A rounded dining table may not work for a room with scarce space. No matter how big the room is. if it is crowded with furniture, a square dining area would be ideal. A square dining table is convenient for small spaces as well. An eight seat rounded table should at least be of 24 ft in circumference.

Space is one of the primary considerations when choosing a rounded or a square dining table. There should be enough space for people to move freely and comfortably.

There are various advantage and disadvantage for using the two. What is important is that your dining table works for your needs. This is regardless of whether it is a square or a rounded dining table.

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