IntroductionRowan Atkinson

Have ever felt like you want to watch something really funny? Well I will be telling you about a famous comedian. Yes you must have guessed it and if you haven’t then I will be telling you about Rowan Atkinson. Mr Bean’s real name is Rowan Atkinson. Rowan Atkinson was born on 6th January 1955. The country Rowan Atkinson was born in was Consett, County Durham in England also known as United Kingdom. Rowan Atkinson is known as Mr Bean. Rowan Atkinson has a wife called Sunetra Sastry who he met in the 1980s. So far he has two children and they are a boy and a girl, the girls name is Lily and the boys name is Benjamin. In 1978 Rowan Atkinson went on a radio station which was BBC radio 3 which was called Atkinson people. Mr Bean has been in movies, television programmes and stand up. The type of Comedy Mr Bean does is physical comedy, black comedy and satire. Carry on reading if you want to find out some more incredible information about Mr Bean.


Mr Bean Episode List

Rowan Atkinson has made one series for the show Mr Bean and in that series he made 14 episodes which I will be naming now. Mr Bean, the reMr Bean(56741)turn of Mr Bean, the curse of Mr Bean, Mr Bean goes to town, The trouble with Mr Bean, Mr Bean rides again, Merry Christmas Mr Bean, Mr Bean in room 426, Mind the baby Mr Bean, do it yourself Mr Bean, Back to school Mr Bean, Tee of Mr Bean, goodnight Mr Bean, hair by Mr Bean of London and the bits of Mr Bean (which is just showing the funny bits in all the Mr Bean episodes). Rowan Atkinson has made Mr Bean movies which are called Mr Bean holiday, Mr Bean: ultimate disaster and Mr Bean: the animated series. Mr Bean has been an influence to Peter Sellers, Charlie Chaplin and Jacques Tati. Mr Bean has been inspired by Steve Pemberton, David Walliams, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmonson. Rowan Atkinson has three brothers who are called Paul, Rodney and Rupert sadly Paul died when he was an infant. Rowan Atkinson was the youngest out of all three brothers and he is much more successful than them. Carry on reading if you want to know some more amazing information about Rowan Atkinson known as Mr Bean.  


Movie List

Now I will be naming all of the movies Rowan Atkinson has starred in including some important information (which will be going in order). In 1979 Rowan Atkinson was playing various roles which were in a film called the secret policeman’s ball. In 1982 he was playing himself (Rowan Atkinson) in the movie called Fundamental Frolics. In 1982 he was playing various roles including his actual self which was in the film called the secJohnny Englishret policeman’s other ball. In 1983 Rowan Atkinson played the character Bernard Fripp in a movie called dead on time and another film he starred in the same year was called the tall guy but he played Nigel small-Fawcett. In 1989 he played Dr Schooner in a movie called the appointment of Dennis Jennings and another movie he played was the tall guy which he was playing Ron Anderson. In 1990 Rowin Atkinson played the character Mr. Stringer in a movie called the Witches. In 1991 he played himself which was Rowan Atkinson in a film called the driven man. In 1993 he was playing Dexter Hay man in a movie called hot shots! Part deux. In 1994 Rowan Atkinson was playing Father Gerald in a movie called Four weddings and a funeral, he also played in a movie called the lion king which he was playing the role of Zuzu. In 1997 Rowan Atkinson was playing the character Mr Bean in a movie called Mr Bean: the ultimate disaster (as I’ve mentioned before). Carry on reading to hear some more fantastic movie titles and some important information about the movies that Rowan Atkinson starred in.


In 2000 he was playing R James in a film called Maybe Baby. In 2001 Rowan Atkinson was playing Enrico Pollini in a movie called Rat Race. In 2002 he was playing Emile Mondavarious in a movie called Scooby Doo. In 2003 Rowan Atkinson was playing Johnny English in a film actually called Johnny English, he also starred in a movie called love actually which he was playing the character Rufus. In 2005 Rowan Atkinson was playing the role of the character Reverend Walter goodJohnny English Reborn fellow in a film called keeping mum. In 2007 Rowan Atkinson was playing Mr Bean in a movie called Mr Bean’s holiday (as I’ve mentioned before). Finally in 2011 he played the character Johnny English in a film called Johnny English Reborn. If you haven’t watched any of the movies listed or a couple of these movies then I suggest you go and watch it. Most of these movies can be purchased from good DVD retailers such as HMV or can just be purchased from online places like Amazon Carry on reading if you want to find out some more great information about Rowan Atkinson Known as Mr Bean.



Rowan Atkinson has won four awards; he even came first in all four awRowan Atkinson Awardsards (in order). In 1980 he won variety club award for BBC personality of the year, on 1989 he won BAFTA best light entertainment performance, on 2010 he won What’s on stage for Oliver and finally he won an award in the year 2010 nomination for Laurence Olivier award.   


Guest Visitor

This famous comedian has been a guest visitor in many shows such as Wogan (in 1988 and 1991), children in need (in 1988), Noel’s house party, going live, this morning (in 1995), big breakfast, Parkinson (in 20Rowan Atkinson(56740)03), blue Peter (in 2004 and 2007), London tonight (in 2005), BBC breakfast (in 2007), The dame Edna treatment (in 2007) and Rowan Atkinson was also in Top gear (in 2011). He has even made two live comedy albums. The two live comedy albums Rowan Atkinson was in are live in Belfast which was created in 1980 and not just a pretty face which was created in 1987. I hope you had fun reading this review as much as I have had fun telling you about one of the best comedians ever born which is Rowan Atkinson Known asMr Bean.

Mr Bean

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