Royal Dutch carpet is 'the' number one company for producing proper decorative patterned carpets and rugs (and other tufted carpeting) which are available at an affordable price. The company gained even greater popularity & demand soon after the take over from Stanton carpets and has never looked back since -- producing a great range of wool and synthetics with some truly beautiful designs. 

As the internet seems a bit bare of Royal Dutch carpet reviews, I just wanted to use this time now to get out there 4 reasons as to why I love my Royal dutch (from Stranton).

#1 They Are 'Out There' & Beautifully Decorative

Too many modern carpets these day play it too safe, coming in creams and ivories with basically no personality to them what so ever. In plain, they are boring. Royal Dutch carpets on the other hand take centre stage in a room, they are the feature and come in a range of beautiful patterned designs that people actually are taken back by and add a certain 'character' to a room. You can see from the off, that a Royal Dutch isn't just any old carpet -- it is vivid in design and is produced with quality wool fibres.

#2 Super Soft & Comfortable

As it is made to a high quality and all the carpets use only their best materials, they serve as a carpet should i.e it's primary role of being comfortable to walk on. The Royal Dutch (from the essentials range) we have installed in our living room is incredibly soft and comforting to walk on. This has pretty much been neglected with modern carpets, usually being rough and tough to walk on. Who doesn't want a nice and warm carpet to rest your feet on after a busy day at work?

#3 Longevity

Another factor that you can't really see until the years have gone by is just how well they last, especially in contrast to this modern rubbish we see these days that wear out after 3 months of having it and start to slowly fade & display stains for the world to see (despite cleaning rigorously). These carpets will maintain their vivid patterns and exuberance for years and years to come -- you don't need to worry about it fading away (even in the high traffic areas).

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#4 Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Depending on the pile selected -- you will have different experiences. We have a saxony style and so whipping out the Dyson does an awesome job of keeping it dust and dirt free. Since we haven't stained ours (touch wood) yet, we haven't actually had to deal with that issue -- but from what we have read online with other reviews, they say they are easily treatable for when it comes to Royal dutch.

#5 Quality at an Affordable Price

Although you can get carpets that are far cheaper in the long run they will probably prove to be a poor choice of investment given the quality will be reflected in their price. They won't be as comfortable and will dirty up easily & they more than likely won't have the same sort of warranty coverage that you can get with Royal Dutch carpets. Where them not being cheap, you don't have to break the bank with it either.

A Few Tips on Getting the Right Carpet

I just wanted to leave you with a list of tips that we wish we considered before buying our Royal Dutch carpet. Although we are very happy with it, there are a few things we wished we looked into a bit more, so hopefully you can benefit from our experience.

  • Choose the Right Padding - different padding is needed for different carpets, generally speaking a thinner padding is needed for bedrooms and a thicker one is required for 'higher traffic areas' e.g. in living rooms. This is essentially the support for your carpet. The carpet provider should advise you on such an issue though.
  • Choose Your Provider Wisely - Royal Dutch carpet is quite exclusive, but make sure that the showroom or specialized flooring company is a good & reputable one. As the installation job is as important as the carpet itself, a second rate one will leave any carpet looking poor.
  • Colors and Patterns - probably the toughest part of getting the right carpet. Make sure you ask for samples and examine them in natural lighting and see which is best for you. Take your time though.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance - make sure you ask for the appropriate guidelines to take good care of your carpeting as they are all different.