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Alby the Orphan KangarooCredit: Mike Bailey
Alby the orphan kangaroo

Like many InfoBarrelers, you probably have trouble finding exactly the right image to go with your article. There are many online image directories that offer royalty-free pictures, but these often require you to contact the author before using any of their work - not always practical without spending valuable writing time. Here's an idea that I hope will be a useful resource for other writers on InfoBarrel.

Alby the Kangaroo at two weeks
Alby the kangaroo at two weeks old
This idea was prompted by a recent featured article about Funny Kangaroos, written by askformore - I remembered that I had some snaps of a baby kangaroo that lives with friends in Perth, Western Australia, and I wondered if askformore wanted to use one in his article, which he did. It made me think "Could my photos help someone else who needs a good picture?"
I'm not an expert photographer, but today's digital cameras make it easy to get great results, so here are some snaps together with the stories behind them. I've added some small print at the end of the article, but here's the idea in a nutshell:
InfoBarrel members may use any of the pictures from this article, but only in their own InfoBarrel articles, royalty-free. All I ask is that you credit me when you add one of the images to your work, or include a link to my media page. You can copy the pictures from the media pages - they're all around 600 pixels wide, which I find is big enough for most articles.

Cat Pictures

Cocoa - Male Burmilla CatCredit: Copyright (c) 2012 Mike Bailey
Cocoa, the head of the family.
I have to start with cats. We have four - Cocoa, Serafina, Pickle and Teasel - it's a long story. Pickle and Teasel are brother and sister, and Serafina and Cocoa are Mum and Dad. Serafina has had three litters of kittens and the pictures include other  members of the family who now live elsewhere.
Cocoa is a pure-bred Burmilla, while Serafina is not - they produced interesting kittens! Their breeding days are now over, and are now learning to get along together.
Cocoa has been with us since he was a kitten, and as of May 2012 he is nearly four years old. We adopted Serafina, a very pregnant stray, in January 2011. She is almost feral and was probably born wild - she was taken in by a rescue centre and they were delighted to find her a home where her kittens would be welcome.
The first litter of kittens arrived on 31 January 2011 and we named them Percy, Harvey, Twiglet and Mia - the only girl. It was a great learning experience for us and our children - then aged eight and ten.
Serafina - Witch Queen of the CatsCredit: Copyright (c) 2012 Mike Bailey Mia - Serafina's first daughterCredit: Copyright (c) 2012 Mike Bailey
Serafina, Witch Queen of the Cats Mia, the First Daughter
Cocoa relaxing After a Long day AsleepCredit: Copyright (c) 2012 Mike Bailey
Cocoa relaxing after a long day asleep
Once the kittens were weaned, we found homes for them. None of them ended up alone - Percy and Harvey now live together not far from us, and both Twiglet and Mia joined families that already had another cat in need of company. They are all doing very well.
The latest additions to the family are Pickle, born in July 2011, and Teasel, the youngest, born in December 2011. Both are Cocoa and Serafina's offspring, and they seem to have inherited their father's looks and their mother's brains. Just as well, we think.
Cocoa Curled Up Fast AsleepCredit: © 2012 Mike Bailey Cocoa Making Himself Comfortable Teasel and Pickle Together Serafina in Relaxed Mode
Where Am I?   Pickle About to Yawn - clearly SleepyCredit: © 2012 Mike Bailey   

Pictures From The Garden and Hedgerows

White Flowers Red Berries Trailing ShrubCredit: © 2012 Mike Bailey
Red Berries and White Flowers on a Trailing Shrub
I took these pictures in our garden or in the countryside surrounding the area where we live. Carrying a camera most of the time means I can snap anything that looks like it could become an image for a future InfoBarrel article. It's surprising (to me anyway) how some of my shots turn out - many of these plants are nothing special, but they make excellent subjects, particularly in spring and early summer, when everything is bursting into life.
Spherical Purple Flower Heads on ChivesCredit: © 2012 Mike Bailey Green Spikes on a LawnCredit: © 2012 Mike Bailey Daisies on a British LawnCredit: © 2012 Mike Bailey Bee on Spherical Purple Flower HeadsCredit: © 2012 Mike Bailey
Giant Daisies in British HedgerowCredit: © 2012 Mike Bailey Spherical White Flower Head on Welsh OnionCredit: © 2012 Mike Bailey Red Berries White Flowers Trailing ShrubCredit: © 2012 Mike Bailey Two Orange-Red RosesCredit: © 2012 Mike Bailey

Small Print

Mike Bailey asserts his right to be identified as the author of all photographs included within this article ("the Pictures"). If you are a registered InfoBarrel member, you may use any of the Pictures, but only in your own InfoBarrel articles, royalty-free. Please credit me when you add one of the Pictures to your work; alternatively, please include a link to the originating media page.

Use other than as noted above is prohibited without the permission of the author. No commercial use or reproduction allowed.

Copyright © 2012 Mike Bailey