So, it is one of those nasty days, where it just won't stop with the rain. You have to work out in the field, and you have to wear your work boots.

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 But you could really use something to protect them from the rain. Rubber boot covers do the trick. They fit right over them to keep them dry and of course, you dry.


These are totally affordable, and are made of a thin stretch rubber, so that you can stretch them over your work boots or regular hiking boots. They stop the rain, muck and wet from seeping in. They are easy to put on with a little bit of stretching.

You can also get this type of covers to cover shoes as well. These are particularly good for men shoes and boots. If you are wearing a suit and really don't want to be wearing tall rubbers, but you don't want your shoes ruined by those ever growing puddles and that streaming rain, then consider getting these covers. They come off as easy as they go on.

You purchase them in the size closest to yours and then they are thin enough to stretch over your shoes, but still strong enough to keep them from getting wet and muddy.

They slip off just as easy too. These are good insurance for those expensive dress shoes and loafers. But they also come large enough to cover a work or hiking boot. This works well on footwear that may be designed for the cold and the terrain, but not for deep puddles on the sidewalk or that trail. It can take days to dry out shoes and footwear, and they are never quite the same after that.

So, if you own shoes, you need to protect, then you should purchase some rubber covers, for all the styles of shoes you have. If you don't want to buy separate rain slickers, but do want the protection of a rubber one, then check these out.


You can get these in most men's shoe stores that carry dress shoes, and also some department stores, but you can get a large variety online. They can be purchased online at Amazon.

But you can also check out your favorite shoe stores or department stores and see if they have an online store. Many do now, so that they can carry more varieties and sizes. If you are stuck for a special size, or extra wide, then checking online might be the best place for you to buy rubber boot covers and compare prices.

So, if you wear work or hiking boots, carry these in the car. You just never know when you may need them. These higher style ones have a closure at the side to keep the rain and mud out.

Protect your good shoes with rubber boot covers, especially if you have to work or walk in the rain, or wet. They grip well to your shoes like a second skin.

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