It has been raining all night, and even this morning, but finally the sun has come out, and everything looks wet. That big dip in the driveway has developed quite the puddle and your kids just can't wait to go out and play in it. So, out come the rubber boots for kids.

There is no sense in fighting that urge they have to puddle jump. It seems to be a sport kids develop quite early. They just love to jump in a perfectly still puddle and splash water and quite, often mud everywhere. Many times they don't care what is on their feet either.

It could be their brand new running shoes, or those little sandals. They will now take forever to dry, and they are never quite the same again. So, save yourself the trouble of trying to clean shoes after a rain, and invest in some boots.

Designers have created a wonderful line of these that kids are likely to wear.  They used to be pretty bare bones, and kids used to get sweaty feet in them, but not anymore, they have a lining and removable comfort inner sole, for added softness.

But the best part of all, are the little handles on the top. These help little hands pull on those boots. You no longer have to fight with their feet trying to push them on. They can pull them on all by themselves.

These are made with a good quality thick rubber that resists mud, dirt and scratches. They rinse clean, and are easy to take care. They are affordable and great fun for kids to wear.

So, if you are heading to the park, after a rain, then you know the puddles will be a magnet for your kids. So, let them wear their rubber boots and enjoy the puddle jumping experience. Although, depending on your kids and how good they are at this sport, they may need a rain coat as well!rubber boots for kids

You can get these cute boots for kids in all the sizes, in your local shoe store. But they may not carry the wide variety that designers have come up with. Many have designs and characters on them, which kids will love to wear, and of course the handles. They can pick their own out of the closet based on the design. They may even name them.

But if your local shoe store doesn't carry the cool ones for kids in all the styles and colors, then you should consider shopping online. Amazon has these in fun designs. (pictured)



You can also check for your favorite shoe store, as many of them are starting online stores now as well. This way they can carry a larger line of rubber boots for kids and other products.

With the addition of the handles, this is a really cool way for your kids to be able to put on their own easily. Plus the handles help to take them off as well, and are not in the way of their play time! Cool idea!

Western Chief Ladybug Rain Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)
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(price as of Mar 30, 2016)
these ones are bright and cheery too.