Making Your Own Rubber Dolls? Isn't that Stretching it a Bit?

Of all the doll types ever made: plastic, cloth, porcelain or bisque, rubber dolls are by far the least popular. Rubber dolls are not fashionable among doll collectors, and thus don’t really have much value. As a result, if you are interested in sourcing rubber dolls, you are in for quite a challenge.

However, if you really must have a rubber doll, why not consider making one? Home doll-making crafts have included many forms and types of dolls, including rubber.

When finished, home-made rubber dolls have a stretchy, soft physique; through they will still be rather sturdy. If you are interested, you will only be restricted by your imagination. You can create rubber dolls in any size or shape that your desire.


You will need some basic items for this project. They are liquid latex (which you can source at costume stores), microwaveable bowl, Friendly Plastic, sharp razor blade, craft brushes as well as decorating materials such as yarn, paint and fabric.


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely and melt the Friendly Plastic. Then place Friendly Plastic beads into a bowl of warm water. Next, shape the plastic into the desired shape of the doll you have in mind.

The plastic will retain the shape of the mold in which it is made, even though it may initially appear to be flexible. Wait for approximately an hour to ensure that proper cooling and hardening has taken place.

Use your disposable craft brushes to apply several layers of liquid latex rubber to the surface of the doll-shape. Allow the previous layer to dry before applying the other. Use your razor to slit the side of the rubbery doll form.

Gently remove the floppy shell from the plastic form of the doll, and turn this 'shell’ inside out. The outside of the ‘shell’ should now have a smooth appearance. Then fill the hollow latex ‘shell’ with liquid latex and seal the slit using some of the liquid latex as‘glue’.

Allow to completely harden – this may take a week or more, depending on the amount used. Apply paint to create features and voila! You have successfully created a home-made rubber doll.

After making such a masterpiece and having added ‘doll making’ to your list of accomplishments, you will want to make sure that your ‘creation’ is properly stored. Storage methods which may be appropriate for other materials may not be suitable for rubber, as it can be rather fragile.

If you plan on having your doll around as proof of your ‘doll making’ prowess, then pay special attention to the following tips. Wrap doll in natural muslin and place on top of acid-free paper in a trunk.

If storing several dolls, ensure that they are separately wrapped to prevent touching. Spread a final layer of paper over the doll/s, cover with cotton fabric and secure the trunk. Store the trunk in a cool, well ventilated area, away from rodents and other pests. Happy rubber doll making!