Recycled Rubber Mulch

Protecting our kids from falls in backyard playgrounds just got easier with rubber playground mulch.

If you have been using sand or wood chips or just the grass to protect your kids, then you know you have to keep renewing it every year and it quickly becomes messy.  Well there is a good looking and environmentally safe way to protect your kids from up to a 12 foot fall (if used properly) and that is with rubber playground mulch.

It comes in a variety of colors, such as brick red, and as you can see in the picture, it will make your playground area look good as well as protect your kids from falls.

No more splinters from wood chips, and insects don’t like this material.  It is made from recycled rubber but is soft.  It is rated for falls if you create an area of 5 inches deep of this rubber mulch. 

You can get this in bags, or it can be delivered to you on a pallet ready for your playground area.  If you are thinking of setting up a playground area in your yard and are wondering what to put on the ground, then consider this type of product.

Leaving grass around the playground may seem like the natural thing to do, as it is soft too, but you will quickly realize the work involved when it comes to cutting the grass and having to move playground equipment or damage it with edge trimmers.  Or dealing with the mud puddles that form once the kids are using the equipment all the time, especially under the swings.

Using rubber playground mulch as instructed will have good drainage, and no more puddles or mud to worry about after that rain storm.

If you have kids that regularly like to jump off the monkey bars and climbing racks, then having a soft landing not only helps them but makes you feel better too.

Rubber playground mulch is a great recycled product that lasts for years under those swings and climbing frames, probably for the life of the equipment. Swing set Playground Rubber Mulch 75 Cu.Ft. Pallet-Brick Red

You can now get this product at larger garden centers and home improrubber playground mulchvement stores.  You can also get this rubber mulch in sheets, that look good and work well for high drainage areas, or placed you can’t get grass to grow because of runoff.   It works similar to garden fabric, and allows for drainage but also keeps weeds out.

So, if you are trying to clean up the area around your backyard playground, then you could edge it and make a defined area for the lawn and the playground.  This cleans up the look of your yard, and then fill the area with 5 or 6 inches deep of rubber playground mulch, then let the kids have fun.

You can also get this product online at such sites as Amazon and garden sites.  Just because you have a backyard playground doesn’t mean your yard has to look messy.  You can incorporate play equipment into your backyard design.  By using rubber mulch, you will retain the color as well as the safety for your kids.  It will look good in your yard. 

You can get this rubber playground mulch in darker colors as well, that may work better for your colour pallet in your garden design.  By separating off the play area with its own ground cover, you can keep an area for the kids and an area for you.

If you have any areas that require good drainage or the grass won’t grow, and you are left with an unsightly mess, then consider this product for that area to cover up those areas to help your yard or garden look finished.  In the meantime create a good looking play area for the kids and give them a soft place to land with rubber playground mulch.

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