You love visiting the gymnasium and weight room because the matting feels good to your step. In fact, you have considered installing rubber tile flooring at home, but you are not sure your family would approve. Would the odor become overpowering in your house? Would it look too stark, cold, causing your wife to want to throw it out of her carefully decorated rooms? Can is really be used at home?


First of all, these squares can be made with virtually no odor. There may be a mild scent from the adhesive when they are first installed, but this will dissipate quickly, leaving your room smelling like whatever incense your spouse decides to burn that day.  


This type of mat does not absorb water. Kitchens, bathrooms, and garages, unfortunately, are known to leak water on occasion. Dishwashers may malfunction, pipes under sinks may spring a leak, and random spills all can cause liquids to work their way under linoleums and ceramic tiles, meaning you have to lift the material to fully remove any remaining fluid. With these non-porous coverings, simply remove any standing spills. Give it a couple of minutes to dry, and you are ready to go. Do not use any chemicals which are not specifically approved for this type of surface, but it is much easier to keep clean.


The fire and burn resistant components of rubber tile flooring is also an added benefit. If someone in your home smokes cigarettes, simply redecorate using this material in those surrounding areas. Accidentally dropped cigarettes will not pose the same dangers if it were dropped on carpeting. Placing a small mat in front of a fireplace gives you peace of mind that if a stray spark escapes, it will simply fizzle out. If you had dry wooden slats, on the other hand, such a simple event may cause the entire structure to catch fire.


Children can safely play on certain forms of this material, as well. Eva foam is frequently used in children’s play spaces. They come in brilliant colors that are sure to ignite your child’s imagination, and they will love the effect of the elastic squares on their racing tennis shoes. If anyone falls, they will find that minor injuries are greatly reduced on this special matting.


Do you have a fitness room or space in your home? You can designate the area by simply installing elastic plates underneath your equipment, giving you the look and feel that you thought you could only get in a professional facility. Whether you lift heavy weights, climb stairs on an elliptical stair, or ride an exercise bike, you will find yourself more motivated on the flexible surface which your new flooring provides. You may choose a thickness of the mat which will actually prevent damage to the concrete underneath the mat, which can be caused by weights or by some large equipment with movable plates.

At this point, you may find yourself very excited about getting your new covering for the foundation of your home, but you might still be concerned about the appearance. While you would love the benefits of a professional gym, you might not want your home to look like one. You want to be comfortable and warm, not stark and unfriendly. You do, after all, have to live here. The good news is that there are a variety of colors which you can choose from to create exactly the right atmosphere that you are trying to create. You may choose either one, solid shade or multiple tints in a pattern across your space to match the colors which you already have in your room. Different textures, as well as occasional throw rug, may be added to suit your preferences


You may not have previously considered using rubber tile flooring in your home, but hopefully you have changed your mind.


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