The most well-known producer of food storage containers and trash cans is Rubbermaid, a seventy-year-old American manufacturer and distributor of many household items. It is owned by Newell Rubbermaid. It also produces sheds, picture frames, step stools, closet shelving, and laundry baskets. Rubbermaid also manufactures and distributes kitchen hardware, seasonal items, and cleaning products. These products are produced for usage in homes, gardens, and commercial entities. The company is recognized as a "Brand of the Century" out of 100 companies impacting the American way of life.

Rubbermaid products can be found in retail specialty stores, supermarkets, drug stores, and even online. Any item with the product name on it is durable and functional.

New launches from Rubbermaid are Heavy Duty Material Handlers, Flow Floor Finishing Systems, Air Care Solutions, Microfiber Cleaning Systems, Ingredient Management Systems, Smarter Sustainability Products, Convertible Utility Carts, Cleaning Carts, and Metal Design Housekeeping Carts.

The majority of their products are highly affordable with a price range from $20 to $100 depending on whether you're looking for for cleaning supplies, office furniture/supplies, restaurant supplies, tools and storage items. Rubbermaid is a top seller of these products and the company is trustworthy.

Research and development is a known strength Rubbermaid, as the company focuses on new trends and consumer interests. In fact, Newell Rubbermaid is transforming into a global, consumer-centric company by investing in research on a worldwide basis that will ultimately produce products that fulfill the needs of any global consumer group.  Consumer-centric strategies can be executed successfully by placing emphasis on developing brand name awareness. It is imperative that the company builds:

  • A  highly collaborative, team-oriented organization that can work as one entity;
  • A global business that has a world-wide view of operations;
  • An investment in training and development programs that develop world-class expertise.


Office Supplies

Manufacturing useful and cost-effective work supplies is a strength of the company. Items vary from pencils and erasers to markers and folders. To suit the needs of businesses, the company supplies these office products at affordable prices. For the retail consumer, significant discounts are easily found on daily used items. Discounted doesn’t mean that the products are cheaply made. The materials sold are of high quality.


Eco-friendly Solutions

Newell Rubbermaid provides eco-friendly solutions for consumers. For instance, The Paper Mate Biodegradable* pen and pencil were developed based on qualities that consumers desire: simple, affordable ways to incorporate greener practices from school to office. The Paper Mate Biodegradable* line is the latest demonstration of Newell Rubbermaid’s ongoing commitment to protecting the environment.

Paper Mate Biodegradable products are just like conventional plastic, except that they are degradable. They are made from bio-plastic derived from plant sugars that are environmentally safe.  That is to say that if a pen is thrown into the garbage or thrown into a garden, it will be decomposed completely in about a year. Biodegradable pens are available in black, blue, red or purple ink and retail for approximately $1.70. Mechanical pencils are available at a retail price of $2.70. Both products can readily be found in any retail store.


Plastic Containers and Trash Cans

The plastic containers made at Rubbermaid are transparent and hence you need not open each container to see what it holds. They are easy to use and bio-degradable.

Rubbermaid clear containers are designed for long utilization, but there are others that can be recycled after a short time. Either product safely transports and preserves food. They can be found in most retail stores.