Rubbermaid makes a large variety of wastebaskets and garbage cans. Rubbermaid baskets are durable and very useful. They are easy to maintain and clean. These items enable you to choose from a large variety of waste baskets for different purposes.

Spascapes are the most unique style of vanity waste baskets. They have curvy edges and are slimly built. They are stylish enough to keep in any room. Spascapes come in different styles including a matte texture and semi-gloss finishes.

Rubbermaid has also designed SpaWorks baskets that are fabulously decorated, intended to be kept in any room. The quality is very good and they are as popular as the Spascapes waste baskets.

For use in bathrooms or bedroom, Rubbermaid has a Square Vanity basket. They come in different colors and sizes to suit the décor of your room. 

When it comes to something made of stainless steel, which is more durable than any other material, Rubbermaid’s waste basket products are a good choice. Stainless steel models are the most popular according to consumer surveys. Buyers prefer to purchase an item constructed of stainless steel rather than plastic or any other material. These days, stainless steel products come in wide varieties that are well-suited for different purposes. In addition, they require very low maintenance. You may easily incorporate stainless steel products in your kitchen without being worried about their durability.

The Untouchable series of kitchen containers come in wide varieties of colors like grey, brown and black. Features of this product are the same as the other Rubbermaid products, but specifications change, so you will need to decide which model will be best-suited for your kitchen. You may choose separate lids for these containers. They are packaged as a bundle and are sold separately from the containers. The lids have a swing top which shuts automatically after disposing trash; hence the name, “Untouchable.” The lids conceal the contents of the containers and their odors.


You may place such beautiful baskets in your room, encouraging guests to keep the place tidy and enhancing your interior décor at the same time. The baskets can be purchased from any local retailer shop. The cost varies from $2 to $4 for the current products.


Rubbermaid waste containers can be used for sanitary waste disposal. The containers can withstand any harsh conditions whether they are placed inside or outside. They are durable and crack-resistant. You may have seen such baskets being used in hotels, restaurants, malls and other public places. The corners of these baskets are round in shape and conducive to cleaning.


If you want to manage your space efficiently, then Rubbermaid baskets are the right choice. They give an aesthetic appeal to your home and you may dispose trash without being afraid of your hands getting contaminated.


Rubbermaid baskets come in large sizes that are perfect for storing large amounts of waste inside or outside. Smaller ones are perfect for use in bathrooms.

The most effective features of this product are the duration that the garbage can be stored.

Rubbermaid wastebaskets provide lids that are designed so that odors don’t escape even after a week of storage. In addition, the lids assure that roaches or other insects don’t invade your trash and eventually your home.