July 2009 saw the launch of the latest Rubik's phenomena - the Rubik 360. It is tipped to be a top ten toy this Christmas presumably based on the amazing success of the original cube. If you remember the cube from your childhood, you may be tempted to relive your youth by trying your hand at the new spherical 360. You have also missed the 4x4 cube that has been created in the intervening years. So is the new Rubik's toy worth buying? Well, in this article I'm going to talk about the bestselling three - the original Rubik's Cube, the 4x4 Revenge Cube and the new Rubik 360. Read on to find out more.

Original Rubik's Cube

Back in 1974 the world's fastest selling toy was invented. Looking fairly unchallenging, this Cube with different coloured sides took the world by storm. It is now the best known multi dimensional puzzle. You start by twisting and turning the cube to create mayhem with coloured squares all over the place. You then have to turn it back to its original state with solid blocks of colour on each side. The toy is now sold with a 7 step solution guide to help you on your way but YouTube's collection of about 40,000 solution videos could also give you some guidance. The record for completing the puzzle blindfolded is less than one minute - can you beat that?

4x4 Revenge Cube

This new cube is made in a similar vein to the original cube, except that now rather than being a 3x3 square cube, it has 4x4 squares on each side. This makes it a lot trickier and requires you to develop new techniques from those you used on its smaller counterpart. Orientating the centres is key to the puzzle, as you no longer have a fixed centre like you did with the original Cube. The mechanism is more complicated than previously so this version is not as durable, but causes just as much fun or frustration depending on how you look at it.

Rubik 360

Rubik 360Cubes are now out of the window. Rubik has moved onto spheres. Three spheres in fact containing 6 balls and having only one solution. The idea of this new game is to guide the coloured balls through two internal spheres into their matching coloured pods on the outer edge. This game is no longer about logic, but instead about your handling of the Cube. Gravity is your enemy as you spin and twist and turn the toy. The internal spheres rotate on different axes and the holes through which the balls should pass have weights opposite them pulling the holes out of your reach. The Rubiks 360 game is easy to understand but very hard to solve and prior Cube experience will not help. Put your handling and physics skills to the test with this new immensely frustrating game.

If you fancy putting yourself through hours of addictive puzzling, Rubik is definitely the way to go. If you've tested your skills on a Cube, give the new sphere a go.