Vintage or Antique Ruby Engagement Rings

An engagement is the sealing of the decision between two people to get married and spend the rest of their natural lives together. Not everyone can afford diamonds though even if it is the common trend and not everyone wishes to even if they can afford it as buying blood diamonds from conflict areas in Africa is supports violence and corruption. What many people don’t know is that there are so many beautiful alternatives to diamond rings. Let us explore the concept of ruby engagement rings for women to find out what’s available.

For those of you not knowledgeable about precious stones, the ruby is classified as a precious gemstone. Rubies are not to be sneezed at; depending on the size, quality and cut; a ruby can be very expensive. In days of old and even today in countries like the United Kingdom, rubies were highly prized and treasured in comparison to diamonds. Royalty has enthusiastically sought after the ruby for its brilliant deep red color. In hardness the ruby follows the diamond and large rubies are very rare. People fortunate to own one will tell you they paid far more for the ruby than what they would have had to pay for a diamond of similar size.  A ruby engagement ring for women is a truly inspired choice and no less stunning for being a unique non diamond engagement ring.

Ruby Birthstone Rings For WomenThe largest number of rubies are mined in Australia, Asia, Africa and Greenland, but the ones most highly prized come from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Madagascar. There are small deposits of this precious stone in the U.S. and Burma (Myanmar) and Madagascar. Made from corundum, the ruby contains chromium the cause for its rich red color.

Because natural rubies are so much in demand not just for use in jewelry making, but for its industrial uses as well, artificial production of rubies was explored in the early 1800s. The famous Geneva rubies are made using the flame fusion method still in use today though with changes brought on by modern technology.  The ruby engagement ring pictured here is available online at Amazon.  You can see more information on this ring and other non diamond engagement rings for women here.

A ruby engagement ring symbolizes love and loyalty, the most vital ingredients to make a union of two people last, and the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Some countries take the symbolism of the ruby further to mean eternal love and this concept is supported by the red color.

The rareness of the stone increases its demand and ruby engagement rings for women have a history spanning hundreds of years. Prince Andrew certainly had high regard for the ruby because he gave Sarah Fergusson a beautiful engagement ring with a Burmese ruby, one of the rarest of all rubies.  Ruby birthstone rings for women have also been increasing in popularity.

Since rings set with rubies have been around for generations, it's often possible to find a vintage or antique ruby engagement ring or setting that suits your sense of style.  An Eduardian style of ring setting is now highly desired for a vintage look.

Ruby Engagement Ring For WomenTypes of Ruby Engagement Rings for Women

• Solitaire ruby rings where a large stone is the central attraction of the ring. The classification of the solitaire engagement ring setting is based on the shape of the stone which ranges from oval to square, cushion, marquise, curved shank, crossover or split shank among others.

• Cluster ring settings have a group of stones set in a bunch to form the centerpiece of the ring. What this means is several rubies or a mix of rubies with maybe sapphires or diamonds set close together giving a visual effect of one large stone when viewed from afar.

• Three stone rings have a large ruby in the center with two smaller rubies or some other stone set on either side of the large stone.

• Eternity rings have rubies of an identical shape and size set in either a square or circle in claws or a channel.

Hopefully this has given you a good overview of the types of ruby engagement rings for women that are available.  Selecting a vintage or antique ruby setting is also a unique choice which shows your style and sense of individuality in choosing a non diamond engagement ring.