Rudeness has become an epidemic in our society.

Like any other disease organism the rude bacterium is spread by contact with an infected individual. Our systemic resistance to being rude is eroded each time we are the recipient of rudeness. Not that we have to be the target of this rudeness to be affected. In fact, the rude bacterium may be even more virulent than Ebola in it's contagion. You can catch it just by being exposed while sitting in your livingroom watching televison or reading the newspaper.

Network news and entertainment programming is a vector of concern, but seems to be a method of dissemination rather than the vector locus.

Despite being a mental health issue as well as a societal concern, the Centers For Disease Control has been largly silent on this epidemic. Perhaps they are over taxed by the H1N1 crisis.

It has long been recognized by medical and biological science that any organism must develop a survival strategy in order to be successful, which in the case of disease organisms means achieving widespread distribution.

Perhaps inquiry into why the CDC has not targeted rudeness as a societal ill worthy of it's attention, would shed light on the survival strategy of the rude bug.

A standard precept of any good investigator holds that : When confused by circumstances surrounding an incident, look for the money interest.

Here we can note that the CDC derives most of it's funding from Congress. Ah hah! Or Eureka! Or whatever exclamation would be appropriate. ( Note: Anyone making this discovery and who is already infected by the rude bacterium may wish to avoid the sorts of expletives normally associated with the disease.).

Both media and the print press serve to disseminate the rude organism through reportage and the efforts of their pundits, both comedic and serious.

However the point of orgin seems to be somewhere in the District of Columbia. The plague seems to have achieved a ricochet effect similar to firing a metal cased projectile into the interior of a hardened metallic sphere. That action also induces a furious mettalic whine similar to the sort emanating from both the political right and left in the executive and legislative branches of our nation's government.

I suspect that the rude bacterium is parasitic in nature and like any other parasite, it will eventually destroy the host.

How then does the organism achieve success? It must have a continuing locus of viability so as to re-infect a host that will once again distribute the disease.

I suspect that it hides as a spore, not unlike botulism, in some other area of our society.

Have you had a dinner time call from a telemarketer lately?