Rue 21 - Black


Price - At under $10 it is a STEAL

Scent - Is very similar to Eternity for Men and Ed Hardy (Tiger)


Location - While you can purchase it online, I personally would not want to pay the shipping for such a cheap item. Locate a Rue 21 store near you and simply go in and buy a bottle.

Full Review

Looking for a cheap cologne that does not smell cheap? Having a hard time finding a cologne that actually "sticks" to you? Tired of spending lots of money on high dollar cologne and looking for a replace men? If you answered any of these questions then you will be happy to know that Rue 21 Black might be your answer. As a male with better than the average joe fashion sense I generally like to stay somewhat clean and smell decent. The only problem to this task was that the expensive colognes were costing me too much money and some of the popular brands would not "stick" to me, which is refered to how well a cologne "sticks" to your skin and stays on to provide a long lasting scent. I was very happy when I found Rue 21 Black!

Rue 21 CJ Black is a great smelling cologne for men that has fall and winter based spices. While the price tag right at $10 does not seem very promising, you will almost certainly be surprise at the value for this product! CJ Black is an oil based cologne, which means that its base it partially oil instead of alcohol, so it sticks to you great and the scent it long lasting throughout the day. The scent is not a cheap smelling one either and releases spices with a few floral notes that are similar in smell to Eternity for Men and Ed Hardy (Tiger). Without a doubt this is one of the best men's cologne for the money in my opinion and works great for a filler cologne, or one to put in your car or locker for a quick dose of masculine scent. Anyway you look at it this is a great cologne and I have received many compliments from it.

In Closing