The rug has been a useful floor covering for generations. Fabric from which they are made vary greatly as do sizes, styles and shapes. When choosing this type of floor covering, consider the amount of foot traffic it will receive. This helps determine the type of fabric that may be the most durable. Durability is a very important factor in terms of the material from which any carpet floor coverings are made. Materials may be jute, wool, sisal, olefin, cotton, nylon and rayon. These can be categorized as either synthetic or natural. Each should be carefully considered for compatibility with foot traffic, room decor and color.

Brilliant Designs and Colors
In most households, rugs aren't just a protection for underflooring. One of the chief purposes is to give any room a more complete look. When it comes to sizes, they also handsomely accent a room by making it appear larger or smaller. The loveliest rugs that accent a dining or living room are handloomed in brilliant designs and colors. Their chief purpose is to play against wall, ceiling and window treatment colors. Handloomed rugs are worth the additional cost. In normal foot traffic, they last virtually forever. Take care, however, to avoid bright sunlight which can often fade hand-dyed colors.

Accent Rugs
Many homes with large areas of wood flooring do best with smaller accent rugs. This is an opportunity to broaden the scope of style in room decor. Accent rugs scattered appropriately in a structured design or pattern add flair to any room of the house. For the bath, accent beautiful floor tile with a long, narrow runner in a color that blends with the tile, walls and window treatment. A colorful bath runner makes small bathrooms appear larger while providing maximum safety without concealing floor tiles.

Rugs for Other Rooms
In bedrooms with wood flooring, easy-care accent rugs can be dramatic, whimsical or understated depending on the room style. For children's rooms, the more whimsical the choice of rugs, the more it will catch attention. The same is true of the master bedroom. A plush accent rug with a depth of color will make a pleasing addition to the decor of the room. For high-volume traffic areas, sisal, braided or shag rugs are ideal ways to make a fashion statement. Select from among a wide variety of shapes such as round, oval, square, rectangular, octagonal and free-form for a rug that gives a finishing touch.