Rug Hooking Frames

Carrying your rug hook frame to an event can be a strain.  The sturdy ones don’t typically fold down easily and the ones that do fold seem to be wobbly.  When traveling or if you are rug hooking daily, it would be nice to have one with hinges that folded down and large knobs.  Who enjoys traveling with extra tools and, upon arrival, wants to fiddle fuddle with tiny nuts & washers to reassemble your frame?

When using a hooky, a frame helps hold the base (net) material in place and makes the process more efficient.  Plus, it’s less strain on our hands and you’re less apt to stick yourself in the leg which happens on occasion if the material is resting on your lap.  A bloody hooky is not a good story to share with your friends.

Many hooking frames are upright and bulky.  These types of frames seem to always be in your way and it’s less comfortable watching TV if you have to lean forward all the time in your chair. A laptop version is more relaxing to use and allows you to sit back in your recliner while watching TV or listening to the radio. Plus, the laptop ones are less expensive and more lightweight to store away. A small frame requires you to move the base material too often, so a larger 15 inch frame provides you more workspace before having to move your material up or down.  A frame over 20 inches becomes cumbersome to use while sitting down and is more difficult to bring with you when you travel.

The barbs on the frame need to be securely held to the frame.  Barb tape the pulls away from the frame is annoying and trying to staple it back on the frame never seems to work right.  It’s best to have the barb tape fastened to the frame with industrial glue.  It’s also nice to have a frame with edges that are at a slight angle away from the work area.  This will help to keep the base material tight while poking through it for a period of time.

One luxury of the floor type is that you can rest your feet on the base of the unit to help hold it in place.  This seems to provide stability while creating the rug.  Unfortunately, they don’t come with a flat tray to eat dinner on and always seem to be in your way when getting up from your chair.  A metal version looks cheap sitting in your living room.  A wooden one is more of a conversation piece and seems to fit in better with your furniture.  If you buy one made of oak or pine, make sure it is nicely stained to bring out the texture of the wood or has a good coat of paint on it.  Otherwise, it will fade and look ugly within 6 months.  A frame is something you will be using for several years, so quality does matter.

A sturdy rug hooking frame that can be folded down can make your work more enjoyable and provides for easy storage within your home.  There are many rug hooking blogs with forums to discuss techniques.  This might be a topic to discuss amoungst your friends and I hope this post provides you some helpful hints when purchasing a hooked frame.

Laptop Frame

Laptop Frame