Customers buy rugged phone cases for the Samsung Epic 4g for many reasons. However, most cell phone owners have one main reason why they switch to higher-quality, rugged cases for their Samsung Epics; they have what is known as "cell-phone-dropsy-syndrome". This sad malady causes your expensive gadget to fall out of your hands at the worst times and in the most damaging places. Do cell phones ever fall out of your hands onto a soft cushion of fluffiness? No. They usually hit the floor hard. Unfortunately, discount cases for the Samsung Epic 4g phone have great low prices, but are seriously lacking when it comes to protecting your investment from total damage.

Rugged Samsung Epic 4g Cases Cost A Little More, But Are Worth It

When you purchase a new cell phone and begin to shop around for a case, the choices can seem endless. Most manufacturers offer novelty cases and covers based on a theme or pattern. Many cheap cases online only cost a few dollars. The problem with the cheaper cases is that they are made with only one thin layer of protective material. This is great if you are careful with your phone and never drop it. However, if you always find your phone hitting the floor when you least expect it, if you don't buy a rugged case, your Samsung is doomed. There is good news, however! The Ballistic Company makes a durable and very rugged case just for the Epic 4G model.

The Balistic SG Case Review For The Epic 4g By Samsung

The Balistic case has very positive customer reviews online making it the reason why I have featured this product as a good choice to consider. Here are some of the additional features and/or benefits this case:

  • It is made of a soft, shock absorbant material called TPU that has three layers of protection for your phone compared to the one layer that other cases have.
  • The corners are tough and durable because this area gets a lot of wear and tear.
  • The case has a middle layer of added impact protection if you drop your phone.
  • Customers state that the case size is man-friendly and is comfortable for larger hands.
  • Gives the phone a good grip/traction.
  • Men  seem to love the size and grip of the case design.

Can Your Samsung Epic Hit The Concrete And Still Survive?

Ballistic SG Case for Samsung Epic 4G Touch D710, Black
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Sep 12, 2013)
This case comes in a sleek black finish that belies the fact that it has 3 shock-absorbing layers that can protect the phone from impacts by accidental drops. Read what other customers have to say about this product.

Buying Cheap Cell Phone Cases Can Add Up

Although this Ballistic cell phone case costs a little more than the basic plastic skins that can be found online for less than $5 dollars, they are not worth it in the long run if they don't protect your Samsung from total destruction during an accidental drop. Check out the review on Amazon where a customer dropped their Samsung phone from their truck interior onto hard concrete and the Ballistic case was rugged enough to absorb the shock and protect the cell phone from impact.