When your requirements include dampness, dust, and working in an unfriendly environment, having a solidly built handheld computer can prove invaluable. The industrial tablet PC is manufactured of high quality materials and fully sealed to keep moisture and dust from damaging internal components and they are becoming the go to tool for those who need a dependable and fully operational PC on the job. Not only preferred by law enforcement, healthcare, industrial, military, as well as by those who work in a factory environment, the industrial tablet PC is ruggedly built to insure it will be fully operational under all working conditions from negative 10° degrees centigrade to 55°.

Some of the top of the line companies like Asus, Blackberry, Altec offer these at a range of prices. The ASUS Tablet PC, Eee Slate EP121-1A010M 12.1-Inch Tablet PC is available at a mere 1072.99 USD on Amazon. Check out more Tablet PC offerings and prices on Amazon.

User friendly means anyone can operate it

Asus Tablet PCLoaded with user friendly functions and built to last, the industrial PC is considered to be an excellent fill in between a hand held device and a lap top computer. But while the portable hand held equipment is great for indoor temperature controlled areas the industrial family of PC’s are quite capable of handling major environmental challenges as well as rough handling such as in military or typical vibration or shock handling as seen in a warehouse situation. A rugged industrial PC can be loaded with Windows® operating systems for easy use. Internet ready with Bluetooth capability and a powerful CPU insures this is one hand held device that will perform more than adequately for a long time.  The case will be water as well as dust resistant and some models are even classified as water proof.

When the military use it you know it has to be rock solid

Filling the gap between a basic handheld device and the more cumbersome lap top PC, an industrial tablet PC has much to offer in stability, rugged design, and reliable performance. Used extensively by military, factories, transportation, fire, police, warehousing, and the aviation industries, this device has proven to be an invaluable tool that simply holds up to a rough and tumble work day. The transmission of important data such as is required by police and other law enforcement personnel is obviously vital communications and requires a dependable and often times extremely durable device with which to transmit and the industrial version of a tablet PC has a proven track record for being consistently reliable, making it an invaluable “partner” for the law officer. Same goes for fire, security enforcement, industrial, and other occupations which are considered to be involved with hard working conditions and often poor weather situations as well. Here is where the addition of an industrial tablet PC to the “tools of the trade” proves necessary.

Ruggedly handsome describes the family of industrial PC’s

Although not designed for desktop usage such as in the case of typical home or office PC’s or even a laptop model, the industrial machines are built to last under extremely harsh condition in which no other smaller electronic devise is ever intended to nor designed to withstand. Techies have debated just what signifies a “tablet” computer ever since their inception and most agree that it refers to the portability of such devices. Yet taking that concept one step further and manufacturing an extremely rugged and dependable “industrial grade” portable computer insures the equipment will never fail the user and can withstand the harshest of environments dependably for many years.