Bridesmaid jewellery is one of the biggest decisions that the bride and her friends, the bridesmaids, have to make for the big occasion. The tradition says that bridesmaid jewellery comes as a gift from the bride, thanking to her friends for attending to the wedding and supporting her through the entire process. Sometimes, the bride decides to make a surprise to the bridesmaids and reveals bridesmaid jewellery only minutes before the ceremony. This is definitely an option, but only if the bride is sure she knows her friends' preferences: it's really annoying, for the bridesmaids, to be forced to wear jewellery they don't like, especially for a special occasion like a wedding.

Talk To Your Friends About Bridesmaids' Jewellery Before The Wedding

If you want happy faces at your wedding, talk to every one of your friends about their favorite type of bridesmaid jewellery. Generally, all the bridesmaids from a wedding are dressed the same and they wear the same jewellery, but this is not an absolute rule. If you think your friends prefer to wear at least some distinctive items, like bridesmaid jewellery, you should get different items for each of them. Ask them what they prefer: silver or gold, pearls or sparkly Swarovski crystals.

Should You Match Bridesmaid Jewellery With The Dresses?

Too matchy outfits generally fail to impress; if your bridesmaids wear cream chiffon dresses, accessorizing with pearls might not be the best idea. Instead of getting bridesmaid jewellery that matches the dress, you should consider complementary colors. For example, blue silk dresses will look amazing not adorned with sapphires, but accessorized with some delicate silver jewellery. Another thing you should consider, when you get bridesmaid jewellery, is the cut of the dresses. If the dresses are meant to emphasize the chest area, you should concentrate on finding some exquisite necklaces. If the dresses are sleeveless, than you have to find spectacular bracelets for your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid Jewellery-The Most Popular Options

The most popular options, when it comes about bridesmaid jewellery, are the pearls, gold and silver jewellery and sparkling items, like jewellery decorated with crystals. If you don't know what you should get for your bridesmaids and you are within a budget, than you should start searching online for jewellery. Ideally, you should start looking for bridesmaid jewellery months before the wedding: that way, you won't have to buy expensive items because you are running out of time. You can find thousands of jewellery models and designs online to pick from, so surely some of them will satisfy your and your bridesmaids' tastes. Also, if you order more than one set from the same type of jewellery, you'll probably get a nice deal from the seller. So, buying bridesmaid jewellery online, in advance, is the best strategy for getting the items you desire at very affordable prices.

The Finishing Touch-Engrave The Bridesmaid Jewellery

A nice gesture for your bridesmaids would be to engrave the jewellery you offer them as a gift, to wear for your wedding. The engraving could be a special message, significant for all of you, or simply the names of the bride and all the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids will cherish the jewellery for years to come and they will remember your wedding every time they will wear the jewellery. Another way to personalize the jewellery you offer to the bridesmaids would be to use, for each of them, a locket with the pictures of both of you or even the entire bride-bridesmaids group.

A Subtle Way Of Matching: Bridesmaid Jewellery And Flowers

If you want your bridesmaids to look spectacular, than you need to find some unconventional ways to match their outfits. Dressing them in identical dresses and making them wear identical jewellery is not the best method for three or four ladies to look their best. So, you should allow your bridesmaids to make their own choices about the color of their dresses and the about the jewellery. For example, you should give them some details about the dresses: the length, the style, the cut, and let them pick the color. Once they let you know the color they prefer, order sets of jewellery featuring stones that compliment the dresses and match them also with the flowers; for example, if one of the bridesmaids picked a silver dress, get her some light lavender crystals jewellery and a bouquet of blue lilies. The combination between silver and different shades of blue is breathtaking.

Remember – the main rule about bridesmaid jewellery is to look good on the person it's meant for, so take all the time you need to find perfect items for all your friends.