Welcome to Info Barrel!

The Info Barrel community is like no other on the internet. While some other writing websites thrive on discourse and belittlement, the exact opposite is true for the writers on IB. We always welcome new members into the fold. Here are a few suggestions on how you can become an important part of the Info Barrel community.

Introduce Yourself

There is an entire section of the forum devoted to welcoming new writers. Please, introduce yourself and share a bit about who you are and why you decided to sign up to write at Info Barrel. We want to know!

What you should not do in your introduction is create links to your own websites or to any product you are selling. That looks like spam, and it will more than likely be flagged. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Save your links for your “About Me’ page or your article signatures.

Search the Forums for Answers

As a member of Info Barrel since January 2010, I have seen the same questions asked over and over again by new writers. While we readily help a newbie, you can best help yourself by going to the search box at the top of the page and typing in what you are looking for. Chances are, there will be several forum links, as well as articles, that will tell you the answer.

If you searched and have not found the answer you are looking for, then please ask away!

We Are Not Microwaves-Be Patient for an Answer

In our microwave society, we want the answers yesterday. If you have asked a question and it has not been answered in five minutes, please give it time, especially on the weekends, and even more time on summer weekends. I have noticed that some people get really annoyed if their question is “ignored” because the response is not instantaneous.

Being sarcastic is not going to get your question answered any more quickly. In fact, it is one way to make sure it is ignored.

Do Not Try to Sell Us Your Amazing New Product

On the Info Barrel forums, we cheer each other’s successes. We want to know if you published a new book on Kindle and it has a free download day, or if you have created a new website and you want us to look at it and give our opinions (if you asked, we will tell).

However, we do not SELL things to each other on the forums. You have an “About Me” page to share this information. Again, if you try this and you are new to Info Barrel, your actions will look spammy to us. Give us time to get to know you.

Do Not Start Drama on the Forums

There is pretty much a zero tolerance policy for drama here on the Info Barrel forums. We do not insult each other or our work or get into a war of words about religion, politics or any other hot button issue. That is not who we are. I have many friends here with whom I do not see eye-to-eye on certain topics, and I have respect for them and their beliefs.

Our admins will shut down any forum topic that is getting too heated. It has only happened a handful of times since I have been here, and it was necessary. Info Barrel writers pride themselves on being civil and respectful.

Do Not Disrespect the Admins on the Forums

Kevin and Ryan have worked tirelessly on our behalf to make Info Barrel a better site. They listen to our suggestions for improvements and act upon them-imagine that!

Sometimes these improvements have led to “bugs” on the site that need to be fixed. When this happens, you may actually have to wait more than fifteen minutes for a response to your email or private message. Know that they will get back to you, it just may take some time if there are known issues they are correcting.

They also take the weekends off, as they should. Everyone is entitled to down time away from work!

The Info Barrel forums are a place where writers help each other out and build each other up. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. We welcome you, want you to participate and share your knowledge and become a part of the best online writers community.