Rules for succesful first date

There are more than 100 millions singles live in US and most of them looking for their perfect match. It is a lot of first dates happen every day.


Sometimes it is like magic, love at first sight; more often, it can be awkward and nerve-racking. Though the chemistry is important, there are some rules that can help to make the first date if not a success, but at least a pleasant experience. So, here 24 rules for the successful first date:

Rules for both.

  1. Be punctual. Being on time shows that you value and respect other people time. Being even five  minutes late is simply rude and creates a negative impression. If you know that you are running late, call.
  2. If it is a blind date, have an escape plan. But before putting your plan in action, give it a chance.
  3. Try not to do anything extravagant and lengthy on a first date. Lunch in a new bistro, art exhibition and coffee after, drinks in an intimate bar, these are all good options. They are not too long if your date is not going well, and they can be continued if your date is hot.
  4. Conversation is made by two people talking to each other. Ask questions and listen to the answers.
  5. Leave the baggage at the door. First date is not the time to discuss exes, divorces, broken hearts, death, recoveries etc. If your relationship gets more serious, you’ll have plenty of time to talk about it, but for now, don’t bring your date down.
  6. If your date asks you about your past relationships, never bash your exes. Find something positive to say, even if you have to lie through your teeth and move on.
  7. Don’t talk religion and politics. Somehow, the easiest way to ruin the first date is to have a fight over abortion issues (remember Seinfeld?).
  8. Good manners are important.  Don’t talk with your mouth full; don’t look bored; don’t tell inappropriate jokes, and please - don’t text, or twitter, or post pictures of your date on Facebook.
  9. Be polite. Call after the date to thank for a good time.
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Rules for her.

  1. Be careful. If you met your date online and never saw him in person before, choose public place for your first meeting. Use your transportation.
  2. Don’t leave your belongings unattended.
  3. Tell couple of friends where you are going and let them call you through the date to make sure that you are ok.
  4. Don’t have more than 2 alcohol drinks. If you are sharing a bottle of wine, make sure you are not drinking it alone.
  5. Don’t bring up marriage and kids. Even if the guy thinks about starting the family, he can be spooked if you are too pushy.
  6. Don’t talk dirty or talk about sex.  It is the shortest way to leave a wrong impression. You think you are sexy, man thinks you are a slut.
  7. Don’t whine. Nothing is more irritating than a person who complains all the time.
  8. Let him plan the date. But do say something if you find the date inappropriate.

 Rules for him.

  1. Plan the date. First dates are nerve-racking for women as well, so having a good plan for your first date can help you both of you feel more comfortable. Plus, you can plan within your budget.
  2. Flowers still work. Be original. Roses are beautiful, but sometimes bouquet of daisies or tulips can impress even more.
  3. Lead the conversation. Ask questions, offer topics. Good topics are: travels, eating out, vacations, animals, hobbies, music, movies, you got the idea.
  4. No grabbing is allowed. Even you are 100% sure that she wouldn’t mind, avoid excessive physical contact on first date.  A kiss on a cheek while giving her flowers, offering a hand to help getting out of the car, a hand to the small of the back while showing her to the table, these are all legitimate physical contacts. More than that can be too much.
  5. Be confident, but don't confuse arrogance and confidence.  
  6. Pay the bill. Honestly, I never met a woman who wants to split the bill or pay for dinner. If she offers, decline. By the way, leave a nice tip.
  7. Ask for the second date during the first one. If you think it is going well, seal the deal and ask when you can see her again. If she wants to see you as well, congratulations, your date is success. If she says she needs to check her schedule, sorry. Wouldn’t you prefer to know where it is going, anyway?
  8. Say proper good-buys. Walk her to the door, get her a taxi. The good thing is, if you followed the rule number 7, you know if the first kiss is going to be well received.