With the growth of the Internet, it's becoming more and more popular and practical to earn a living working online.

In order to do your best, it can be helpful to set a few rules for yourself.

1. Set a definite work area
Choose an area in which you can work with few to no distractions. This area needs to be well lit and have good air flow. It should be big enough to fit your office furniture and equipment and any supplies you may need.

Preferably, this space should have a door so you can shut the door to work without being distracted by others in your house.

2. Decide when to work
If you work online on your own schedule, it can be difficult to keep a steady rhythm and stay motivated. With no set times for work, it's very easy to slack off and put off work until a later time. Avoid that problem now. Set for yourself specific times when you will work and when you will relax - and hold yourself to this schedule!

3. Set goals for each day of work
Decide what your priorities are. How much work do you want to get done each day? Are you working with deadlines? It is helpful to set goals for each day and keep track of your goals

4. Get away from distractions
Anyone who has used FaceBook can attest to the fact that it's extremely easy to be distracted by the site. While you're working, stay away from such distractions. During the time set aside for work, resolve to not visit sites that distract you (social networking sites, YouTube, etc). Spend your time working, and you will be far more productive.

5. Take breaks!
Be sure to take breaks. Get up and stretch your legs. Get a snack. Take quick walk. Don't forget about work, though. Be sure to get back to your work in a timely manner. Don't take long breaks. It's quite easy to 'forget' about work for a while and wind up wasting hours that you could have been using to get work done.

6. Get outside and socialize
Now that you're working online, your job involves you and your computer. This doesn't leave much room for human contact. Get outside. Meet real people. Go see a movie. Walk through the mall. Get out and have fun. Never spend more than a few days just sitting at home. People are social creatures. We need to get out.


These tips will help you succeed while working online, but your will to succeed and commitment to the job will make or break the experience. Be patient. Work hard. But through it all, don't forget to have fun!