Social media and social media networking have taken on a new meaning for countless those who use it. Many of us use social media forums for contacting family and friends. You can create accounts that are related to your business, link with others that belong to similar forums you are a part of and follow interesting content, authors, websites and blogs. However, there is proper etiquette for social media sites. There are lines of intimacy that should and should not be crossed. Some things should be kept private.

Social media in many cases takes hours of your time without you even realizing it. You will get caught up in visiting, posting, chatting and before you know it, the day or evening is gone and productive work hasn’t been accomplished. This is one reason why social media has become so popular with advertisers.

 Social media is the most popular with 30 year olds or younger. Although anyone of any age can be a part of it and nearly everyone is a part of one organization of social media or another.

 You can communicate with old friends, new friends, family in town, out of town nearly anyone. If you are searching for someone you want to contact, you can generally find them on one or more of the extremely popular social media network sites.

 When connecting on these social media networking sites you want to be careful of how and what your communicating. Many forget that these are sites that reflect information on the internet. You want to be careful what you put out on the internet for the world to see many times. Depending upon your security settings, you are inviting some people into your private life that you may not want in your private life or to see information you have put on your social networking site.

 Job recruiters have indicated that they will send a friend request to applicants. There are several things that may happen.


  • Eight times out of ten they are accepted as friends because some users accept everyone as friends whether they know who they are or not
  • They are accepted as friends because people remember who they are and don’t want to offend them. Therefore, the accept them as friends because they believe this will someone be held against them for the employment if they don’t
  • They are refused as a friend-

  Amazingly according to many recruiters or personnel, this final scenario doesn’t happen that often. Numerous recruiters are exercising this tactic to find out more personal information about those individuals that are applying for positions with their company. has indicated that they have rejected someone for an employment position based on information they found on their Facebook Profile.

 With this information in hand, be very careful about what you are putting on your social networking sites. The following short list can save you a lot of heartache in numerous cases.


  • Stay away from profanity
  • Don’t befriend anyone you don’t know
  • Don’t befriend someone because you are afraid not to
  • Consider what you are putting on your social network wall or forum or anyplace else that someone other than you can access the information. Is this something that you would want to stay private?
  • Are you putting information on your social networking site that you wouldn’t want anyone you work with to know about? Could this cost you your current employment position?
  • Don’t post in anger

 If you have your blog or website connected to your personal social media networking site, be mindful of all post and keep the information found there that is publically accessed in a business tone.

 If you would like to have a private portion of your forum kept private, set the settings to reflect who has access to see what information.

 For those areas that are public, such as other member’s forums, remember that anyone and everyone can access this information. Keep your tone polite and business oriented. Don’t put any information publically that you would like to keep private.