Run Faster Today

How fast can you run? If you're not running very fast or you want to run just faster, you can and I guarantee it. Whether you're a jogger or a marathon runner, the ways of improving your speed is endless.

As a runner, you should focus on all your abilities. You can take full advantage of running faster and applying it right away. This will benefit your muscular endurance, power, strength and cardiovascular abilities.

To improve on each one of them, you need to put focus on your training to emphasize the systems.


What are you using in a run? One of the main systems you rely on is your muscular endurance, how long can your legs take the beating before it gives out.

In short, it's how long your muscles can be contracted for before they are exhausted.
Some power is involved in running since if you run as fast you can, you need to explode with all your muscle force.

Strength is how much you can move in one time. Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of your heart lungs and blood vessels to supply oxygen to muscles during a set time.
Do you think if you improved on these areas you'll be able to run faster, longer and harder than ever?


Yes! You can and I'll show you how your runs can be improved and you'll see your results come faster than ever.

You can run faster, longer and harder than ever. It's great to have cardiovascular and muscular endurance in a run but that's half the equation especially if you want to run faster.

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Follow These Tips

How do you start running faster, with results you can see right away?
This is something anyone can do. Running faster is great for anyone who's just trying to excel in their speed and shorten their time for their runs. Whether it's for long distances or short distances, it will benefit everyone!

Tip #1:

Run with a friend who's competitive. When you run with a friend, you both will make sure you'll show off everything you got. With all the preparation as a runner, no one wants to be seen as weak. Also running with a friend will motivate you in a positive way if you both cheer each other up.


Tip #2:

Stop your regular run, take a day break if you run everyday before trying this as it is more demanding.

Try this: warm up for 5 minutes with slow jogging. After your warm up, stop and take a quick break for a minute. Then get ready to run fast. Get your timer ready and start running. Start jogging then increase your speed by 25% after few steps.

By the 10th second, you should be running faster than before. Don't run as fast as you can, because you will repeat this for about 3-5 more times. You should be running as fast as you can by the very last one. Take 30-60 seconds rest (light jog or walk) after each sprint.

This way, you'll strengthen your legs and build yourself as a sprinter while increasing your running speed. Include this workout with your weekly runs but only do it once or twice a week since it is physically demanding.

Tip #3:

Barefoot running strengthens your legs and body like no other regular shoe would. I've mentioned this in my earlier article about barefoot running.yea

After your regular run, go barefoot. If you live in an area where glass and debris roam the ground, don't go barefoot. Instead wear lighter shoes that have little heel support.

You will naturally change your running form as this is our natural way of running. Running shoes changed the way we run and it can actually decrease our performance because it doesn't strengthen our calves or ankles the way barefoot running does.

If you're able to run barefoot, then do it after your regular run for a few minutes. Be aware of how you land because you will not be able to take long strides.

Take shorter strides and allow yourself to land right between your toes and heels. You might feel like your landing on your toes. Start slow as your feet might be weak already from running with shoes. This will strengthen your legs and posture and by doing so, it will help you run faster.yea

Tip #4:  

Squat, squat and more squats. Weight training will improve your strength stamina andbalance. All three of these will improve your running speed. Squats is a great exercise when done with free weights. It can be done on a machine but then the benefits of balance and stability is out of the picture.

Sprinters use this exercise to run faster and for good reason too.




Squats will not slow you down, many people assume this because it's weight training. You are fighting with gravity all the time with or without weight training.

When you do squats, you are just magnifying the gravity by increasing the weight. As you adapt to stronger gravity that's involved with squats, you'll be finding yourself flying through the air like your on the moon. You'll jump higher, run faster and longer than ever.

Do squats with your body weight and if it gets too easy to do 20 repetitions then start using the barbell with weights. Perform this in your weight training program. Focus on 8-12 repetitions for 5-6 sets (including warm up sets). Cool down with light jogging and stretching.

Tip #5:

Breath! If you don't breathe, you won't supply oxygen to the working muscles. Your heart needs it, your brain can't live without it and you can improve by just focusing on your breathing. When you run, make sure you run tall so you can inhale as much air as you can.

Exhale and repeat. When you sprint, you'll find yourself out of breath near the end than during the run. As you focus more on this, you'll find yourself breathing without any efforts.

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Tip #6:

Imagine your being chased. "OMG" A cheetah?!


What if you had a predator chasing you and they invaded our city? Maybe your nearby train station has cheetahs and you need to outrun them.

Your mind can do great things for your performance if you use it in the right away. When worse comes to worse and the cheetah imagination doesn't scare you then... POLICE!

You can also pretend your running to save someone. Possibly your wife, your brother or your mom! Run just a bit faster and you can save them. Such thoughts will make a huge difference in your running speed.

Try It Today!yyyy


To run faster, you need to increase your strength by weight training. Run with a buddy as it will help you stay motivated and committed.

Keep a schedule and don't miss any runs or you will be one step behind. Weight training is crucial because your basically increasing gravity by placing weights on yourself.

When you remove the weights, you'll find yourself performing better, faster and stronger. You also need to remember to strength your ankles as regular running shoes do not do this for you. You can buy barefoot running shoes that protect you from any debris on your running path.

Run fast !

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