Red Portal Luring

What you need

-Falador teletabs

-Cash (optional)

-A friend with 94 magic and magic gear

-2 laws and 2 airs

-A rope

-Some intelligence 

Finding the Victim

The first task of any lurer is to find someone to lure.

- Look around the Grand Exchange.

-Old friends


The first Approach

1.Once you have your victim you either want to show them a large sum of cash or tell them you have a lot. (Showing them works a lot better.)

2.Tell them that you're doing a giveaway in falador and too come with you if they want the cash.

3. Once your both at falador tell him too follow you and you will walk out of the gates and to gamers grotto. During this time you will want to say why you're giving away the money. (I like to say that I am doing a huge giveaway for *insert gambling clan here*)

Note: If you ask you why you want just give too him now, say that the clan leader wants it done a specific way.

4. Once you enter the gamers grotto you will walk to the middle and say "Bro, can you wait a minute my mom is yelling for me ill be back in a min."

The Friend/Convincing them

1. Your friend will approach them (act like you were in bank) and say "was that *Your username* hahahah that kid is the wort lurer I've ever seen" They will usually follow with "Ya I know im just playing along with him"

2. At this point your friend will tell him that he just tried to lure you and that he got *whatever you showed the victim earlier* he will probably skeptical but your friend will tell him that he can show him how he did it. Your friend will then tell him to bank all his stuff then trade him.

3.Your friend will withdraw a rope and 2 laws and 2 airs from the bank and give him the runes.

4.Take him into the red portal and go all the way to the right side.

5.Once in corner of red portal tell him too stand on the tile closest to the line and wall.

6.He drops the rope then the victim will telegrab it from the corner. *Note where the rope is dropped, it is one spot up from where you want to drop it next time.*

Where to drop the rope

Getting him geared and taking him in

After your friend shows him that you can telegrab the rope with no problem , You should log back in and send him a message if you added him or wait for him too come back.

You will now want to tell him to put on his gear. If he says he doesn't want too or puts on different gear, tell him that you want the same gear that he had on before or you will just find someone else. He will then put oh hos gear thinking he is completely safe.

After he's geared you will take him down to the corner and drop 10k in the spot.

Where to drop the coins

The killer

The killer also the person who convinced the victim. He will put his mage gear on while you are in the corner and get his runes and everything else he needs to kill him.

Once he is in the killers spot (Pictured below). You will drop the 10k coins and it will take one minute to appear. The victim will tele grab the coins and get dragged in. The killer will freeze the victim than claw him out with dragon claws. The victim will be dead and you will receive his loot.

-Happy luring, and if you don't succed the first time try again:)

Killer's Spot