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How to Merch for Fun and Profit!

The Core Types of Merchanting in Runescape:

Flipping – The easiest, safest, and potentially the most profitable route to take and has let me amass huge amounts of gold in relatively a short amount of time. This will be the focus of this article and will help you skyrocket into riches.

Investing – Generally considered to be the most common way to be a merchant in Runescape is to just buy an item at a low price point and wait for the average price of that item to go up and then sell.

Bulk Flipping – Like flipping but requires big cash investments to buy big ticket items and only recommended for experienced merchants. This method can be VERY profitable depending on market.

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Flipping explained

Flipping can be done with almost any item bought and sold on the grand exchange (GE) but is best used with low to medium valued items. Approx. 100-50,000 gold per item. To get started find an item that fits your budget, for example if we have 5mil gold points (GP) we would look for an item that is around 1,000 gp. This allows us to make a large amount of money even if the margins are not great.

Now that we’ve found a good item in our price range we choose to buy one of those items at a price very high above the market average. I recommend clicking the +5% button in the GE around 10-15 times. This allows us to find the highest price that someone will pay if they want to buy the item instantly.

Next sell the item you just bought for the lowest possible price by clicking the -5% button around 10-15 times. This allows us to find the lowest possible price that we can buy an item for if someone wants to sell their product instantly.

If the range between the buying and selling is large enough for good profits we can begin the real fun!

Buy as much inventory as you want for the price you SOLD for. This means if you sold your test item for 500gp. Buy for 501. Wait until your order has filled, this may take a few seconds to a few hours depending on various factors. Once filled, sell the item for the original price you bought it for. This means if you bought your test item for 1000, sell it for 999.

Just like that we made 498 gp for each item we sell.

Start in smaller markets to build capital and eventually make it into the higher value trades. Stay motivated, it can be tricky to find that perfect item but when you do things get GOOD!

Also, be careful around update times because markets can and will shift quite dramatically over a few hours to a few days. You can use this to your advantage if you are a seasoned player or study the patch notes you can learn how Jagex’s updates change different item values and can make serious money on these changes.