Quest Requirements

Items needed:


45 logs or Woodcutting axe to get logs

A Dwarven Army Axe can be used as both a tinderbox and an axe

Skills needed:

Level 43 Firemaking

Quests completed:

Priest in Peril

Starting the Quest

Starting this quest requires you to have completed Priest in Peril, and then got to Varrock Palace and speak to King Roald (the location is marked on the map below) about the quest.

The quest is safe and easy, and no combat is required. Achieving the level of Firemaking required is the only real challenge, and that's a low enough level to not be too hard to accomplish.

King Roald


King Roald will inform you about the beacon network that has been constructed, and asks you to go to the first warning beacon in the network near the Temple of Paterdomus at the start of the River Salve (marked on the map below). There, you need to speak to Blaze Sharpeye, the beacon keeper. Take a woodcutting axe and a tinderbox, or the Dwarven Army Axe, and as many logs as possible. Weight reducing clothing will help. The type of logs do not matter, they just need to all be of the same type, so logs from normal trees will do.

Beacon One

When you get to the beacon and speak to Blaze, he will tell you that two of the beacons need to be lit in order to test them. Add twenty logs to his beacon and then light them. After lighting the beacon, speak to Blaze, and you will find out that another beacon needs lighting, this one is near the limestone quarry and west of the Odd Old Man (marked on the map below), where you will speak to Squire Fyre. Her beacon will need another twenty logs to light it, so cut them (there are trees east of Blaze). If you have enough inventory space, cut another five logs for later.

Beacon Two

Go to the second beacon, add twenty logs and light the beacon. Talk to Squire Fyre, then return to Blaze at the first beacon. If you didn't have enough room for the additional five logs needed, cut them on the way back. After you talk to Blaze, he will ask you to add another five logs to the beacon. When you have done so, speak to Blaze again, and you will be told to return back to Varrock to speak to King Roald.

Go back to Varrock Palace and speak to the King again to receive your reward.


Coins: 20,000

Quest Points: 1

Firemaking Experience: 5,500

You will also gain access to then RuneScape minigame "All Fired Up", which gives rewards of Firemaking xp, and three Firemaking items, the Ring of Fire, Flame Gloves and Inferno Adze.

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