Start Running at any age, with the right equipment and mindset and you will get energized!

If you are looking to add some more exercise to your daily routine, then try running. If this conjures up images of marathons, and sweaty athletes, then get those images out of your head, you can do this!.

Running is a great way to burn fat, plain and simple. It also helps to alleviate stress, and you feel good when you are done. The trick is to start out right. There are many clubs out there that you can join, such as the running room, or even the walking room. Where you get good information, and you can go as a group. This keeps you motivated. But if you prefer to try exercise out yourself, then here are a few tips to get you going.

First off, age doesn't matter. As long as you get your doctor's approval, and you can put one foot in front of the other, and are generally in good health, you can walk and then run. But in order to not hurt yourself, or end up with aches and pains, that are likely going to stop your new running career dead in its tracks, take note of these tips:

1. Buy good running shoes. Ones that are designed for actual jogging or running. They are designed differently then walking shoes. They need to be able to support you and take the impact of a run.

2. When you purchase new shoes, try them on at the end of he day, when your feet will be at their biggest!

3. Walk or jog around the store, to see how they are going to feel. If you are aware of the slightest rubbing or irritation, DO NOT buy them. This will only get worse. There is no breaking in, with running shoes, they should fit right from the beginning.

4. Make sure you are wearing the socks you will use when you are out jogging or running, while trying on the running shoes.

5. The soles of the shoes, should flex when you flex. If it feels stiff then this is not the shoe for you. These running shoes need to fit like a glove. While you are out running you should not be aware of your shoes. Your head should be into your run, and not feeling that blister forming, or your calves and shins feeling strained.

6. Now that you have good shoes, make sure you are wearing the right clothes. For a woman it is important to wear a sports bra. This one piece of clothing can make or break your running career! If you are bouncing all over the place, your shoulders will hurt, and you are in danger of falling. So, if you can invest in a good sports bra, it is well worth the money. You will be able to run further.

7. Make sure you are wearing layers, such as a t-shirt over your sports bra, then a lightweight hoodie, and if it is still cool outside a vest. But I find it is better to start off slightly chilled and just get warmed up with your run. Since you can peel off your hoodie and tie it around your waist, but it is hard to deal with a outer vest. So, unless it is really cold outside, then stick to just a couple of layers.

8. You need to carry a water bottle. Some people like those belts where you can clip a water bottle, your phone or ipod etc.. This is great if you are really getting into running and you are heading out for a good long run or jog. Or you can carry a small backpack for your water. Personally I just carry a water bottle in my hand. I am not big on music while running, as I like to hear the cars around me when they do show up, (I live in out in the rural!) and I just like to listen to nature and my breathing. But this is a personal choice.

9. The best way to start running, is to do interval running. This is where you get your new shoes on, and dress the part, make sure you are well hydrated before you start, and you walk down your driveway, and do some stretching while you are walking to get loosened up. You can also speed up your walking, to get warmed up. But make sure you walk first! Do not just get up, throw your stuff on and start running out the front door!

If you want to spend the next few days on the couch with ice packs, this is the way to do it! Then you will most likely leave your new running shoes in the closet for good. So, don't do this. You can start running at any age, but you have to warm up and take it slow.

Once you have walked and feel warmed up. I like to walk fast for at least 10 minutes, then you can break out into a trot. Make sure your heal hits the ground first. Don't laugh at this, you may think that would happen naturally, but I went out jogging with a friend once, and she always had tensor bandages around her knees, then I saw her run, she was landing toes first.. So remember you are not suppose to be "prancing" down the street or path, you are suppose to be jogging or running. If someone was chasing you, you would not be prancing right? Pretend you are being chased!

A great way to start out running and burn fat, is to break out into a run between hydro poles. Give it all you have got between two hydro poles on your street. Then slow it down to a walking pace to the next one. This will give you a chance to catch your breath, but it will have kicked started your body into that "fat burn". Once you get to the next hydro pole, then you will break out in a run again. Don't make the stride to big, but just what ever feels comfortable for you.

They call this interval training, and studies have shown that this way of running can actually burn more fat than a steady run. So, if you have been wanting to throw in the towel, because you can't keep up a running or jogging pace. Don't! It is still a good workout for your body. If you know you only have to run as far as the next hydro pole, you can probably do it right? So do this for your entire workout. Then you can walk back for your cool down.

Walking is a good way to cool down, then at the end of your walk do some leg stretches, without bouncing! Just good stretches. Make sure you drink lots of water, and you will feel calm and yet energized inside. This is a good time to now have a protein snack of some kind or a smoothie. If you don't want to bother with blenders, then get out a yogurt and put some walnuts and almonds in it, this is a great "after running" snack.