RRunning a home businessCredit: morguefile.comunning a home business, is hard enough, but if you are not careful, you can easily suffer burn out.

You did everything right, you came up with a great business plan, you are able to work from your home office, or workshop, and you can be home for the kids. That was the plan right?

  When you start a small business from home, it needs to have rules, or else you can end up not getting around to work, or working to much. You need balance. The problem with working from home, is that there is no one to really pace yourself with.  You need to make a "to do list" and you need to create a sense of a realistic schedule, that will help you with your business goals and still be a part of the family life.

With no one to pace you, you could very easily work all day, and into the night, and before you know it, your kids are knocking on your office door to say "goodnight". If this is you, then you have defeated the purpose of working from home.   You have probably heard the term "finding balance".  Running a home business, can easily get away from you.

You need to make some rules. You need to figure out when you work best, and come up with a start time and a finish time. Get the kids to school, and take a walk, this is a great way to separate your home life with your business life. This would be the time you would normally be on the highway to work, if you worked outside the home. Treat running a home business the same way to begin with. Figure out a way, to signal the start of the business day. I always found taking a quick brisk walk did the trick.

Running a Home Base Business

Make sure your office or workshop, is not a part of your family space. If your budget allows, try and create a separate space for your home business. This way you can shut the door at the end of the day, and leave things ready for the next morning, and you don't have to look at it all evening spread all over the kitchen!.   This is a great way to separate business life from home life.

The worst place to operate a home business, is from your kitchen table, unless it is something that can be quickly packed away at the end of the day.

Make sure you are dressed for work, get your coffee and head to your office or basement or garage or where ever you have decided to run your home business. Make sure to take bRunning a Home Business(132269)Credit: morguefile.comreaks and stop at the time you feel is right to create balance with your home business and family life.

After all, this is the good part about running a home business, is being able to have flexibility with your hours of operation.

  You can become easily burned out if you are not careful.

The other end of the scale can happen as well. Where you just can't get around to  business. You stop at the washing machine, and figure you might as well throw on some laundry, then you are cleaning up, or you are snacking, and you just can't get started.

You need to make a schedule, and stick to it. This is where that quick brisk walk comes in again. It signals the start of your business day when you get back in the house. You now have cleared the cobwebs out of your head, and you can get settled into work.

Create a "to do list" for the next day.  Don't overload the day, but write down some specific goals, that are on a time line.  This way if you get more than your list done, you will feel better about things.  Once you have created the list for the next day.  Clean up your space, turn off the light and shut the door and join your family. 

The Next day, go to your home office, and totally ignore the laundry, mess, fridge.. until you get some work done. Just remember, if you were heading off to an office outside the home, you would not be doing the laundry, or cleaning or eating mindlessly.. you would be commuting and working.

You have to treat running a  home business the same way. Sure, you have flexibility, but if you keep saying, "I will get some work done after I do this laundry, or after I clean, or after I read my magazine", it will either not happen, or be happening at the wrong time, like when your kids are home, or its family time, or meet friends time. Then no work gets done.

So keep your home based business separate within your home, and separate business time with family time for balance, and feel more in control.  Make a schedule that works around your family, and enjoy running a home business.

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