Running Route Planner - An Article on the Benefits of Using a Running Route Planner

Route Planner Can Be Used for Many Activities

A running route planner is a great tool to use for all runners and casual joggers.  I'm a fairly frequent runner, I usually run about 2 or 3 times a week.  The problem that I used to run into is I would use the same route for each of my runs.  Having a running route planner to do this for me back then would have been very beneficial to me.  Unfortunately, I didn't take the time to research what products were available.  I'm glad I finally did, because it has energized and diversified my runs.

A very popular running route planner is called MapMyRun.  This running tool is available online, as well as on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry.  This is a very comprehensive tool that can track all of your running routes, as well as the time it took to complete them.  These are logged as workouts in your account, which are good to use as reference points for future workouts and to set goals.  You can also use routes that have been mapped by other members.  If you use the web version of this running route planner, there's also a Nutrition Center, where you can get information about your diet and what foods you should be eating.  In most cases, the diet is just as important as the running itself.

RunningMap is a website that has a route planner for runners, cyclists, hikers or others who want plan a route outdoors.  With this route planning tool, you start by entering your address or city in the address field, click Go, and a map of your area will load on to your device.  You can then plan your route by clicking on the map of your area.  Other than the website, you can also download an app onto your phone.  

ActiveTrainer is another online running route planner.  It customizes routes for runners, triathlons, cycling, swimming and walking.  What's great about this tool is you can use it to measure the distance, pace and elevation of your routes.  Elevation is an aspect of route planning that I never would have thought of.  That's probably because I live in the Midwest and it's not really a factor.  However, for those who live in places with higher elevations, that would be very useful.  You can also view training plans for each form of exercise I mentioned earlier, as well as weight loss.  You can also get a personal coaching plan.

These are just a few examples of a running route planner that's available for anyone to use.  I highly recommend taking advantage of one of these tools, or one that I didn't mention.  I spent a lot of runs just going on the same route over and over again, because it was familiar.  I didn't track mileage or how long it took me to finish, which means I never knew if I was improving or not.  No matter what the distance is, using a running route planner will make your workout more efficient and effective.