Good business strategies are very important to the growth and financial success of a company. Whether you are in charge of a large company or running a small organization, using good strategies will help you to beat the competition. Using tried and tested organizational strategies will help your enterprise to thrive.


Sittercity babysitter services is a good example of a company that uses profitable strategies to help their oufit to grow. Sittercity offers a babysitting service that helps many parents to find qualified babysitters to care for their children. Sittercity first targeted parents in a small community, then expanded to offer their services all across the United States.


Running a small business involves using organizational strategies to help the company to attract new customers and new commercial partners. Using a  strategic partner agreement can help your team to grow. Identify potential partners and approach them. 

Businesses which work together in a strategic partner agreement benefit by sharing knowledge. Partnering with other groups can also help you to get your product or service out to a larger set of customers more quickly.

If your store is just starting out in the market, you can benefit by entering a partnership with an older one which offers services that complement yours. Partnering with a more established enterprise that has a good reputation will also help you. Sittercity has the American Red Cross as one of its partners.


Sittercity's babysitting services are affordably priced so that their customers will choose them over their competitors. You have to establish how much potential customers are willing to pay for your service before setting a price. Survey your target customers and get information that will help you to set the best fee for each of the services you plan to provide.


Currently, both individuals and companies are targeted as part of Sittercity’s business strategy. Many companies pay for Sittercity services on behalf of their members of staff. This benefits the employers in several ways. Employees have more motivation to work for a company that offers them benefits. Paying for the Sittercity service helps to maintain loyalty among employees and helps to attract quality employees who have young children.

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