If you are trying to figure out some running techniques, to keep you upright and out of pain, then try these tips:

1. Get good shoes. You have probably heard this a hundred times. How many times have you just started running in your old running shoes or whatever shoes you are wearing? You didn't want to take the time to change your clothes or your shoes, you figure, you want to see if you like this running thing before you decide to invest in shoes.

Most likely you will decide at the end of the street, when you are huffing and puffing in your deck shoes, that this is not for you, because now your shins hurt and your knees feel strained. So, you give it up. If you don't invest in anything else, invest in good shoes for running, not just simply running shoes. Not all running shoes are the same. They can be anything from casual wear to stylish wear for jeans. It doesn't mean they are designed for running!

I made this mistake a few years back. I had a good pair of walking shoes, and while out on a walk, I broke into a run for some fun, and by the time I got home my hips hurt and I felt like I was 90 years old, whining about my hips to anyone who would listen for the next few days! I gave up on running!

If you get proper footwear, it makes an amazing difference. Get someone to fit you properly, don't do it yourself. Also try them on at the end of the day, when your feet are at their biggest, and bring the socks you are likely to wear. You will notice the difference right away. It may take a couple of tries, depending on the brand or size. Some brands may work better for you than others. Take the time and get them fitted properly.

2. Jog on soft surfaces. Try and stay off the pavement, this is hard on the knees and hips. I see a chiropractor, and he gave me a couple of great tips on running techniques so that you will enjoy your run or jog. If you are running on the side of the road, instead of a school yard track. Just remember that the road is built with a camber, which makes it slope from the center to the sides to get rid of rain etc. So that when you are running down the side of the road, you will end up running on a slight slant.

Now if you turn around and run back home on the other side of the road (against traffic which is the norm) you are actually putting stress on one side of your body, because you will have the same side running on a slant. He actually suggested to me, that if I am running down a road and am going to turn around, to run back down the same side of the road (with traffic) so that the other side of your body runs on the same slant for the same length of time.

Any slant in the surface for long periods of time, can be hard on the hips or knee.

Some people can run on any surface and anywhere and not hurt anywhere, but if you are susceptible to injury or strain, then you need to be careful. If you continuously run the same route before or after work for example, and have been having problems with one side of your body, they take a look at the angle you are running on, try and keep this the same for both sides of your body while running.

3. Wear layers. It is better to start off slightly cool, and then peel off. But you don't want to be finding a home for a big coat, in the middle of a run. It is good to wear lightweight layers that you can peel off and tie around your waist for example.

4. If you find running to hard or intense, but like the calorie burn you get from a good run, then there is another running technique that will help you burn fat. Interval training. All you have to do, is get on your running shoes, and gear, and walk fast to get warmed up, and then once you get to a hydro pole, run. Run until you get to the next hydro pole, and then slow down to a walk.

This way you have a beginning and an end. You don't have to feel intimidated about running for miles. Just to the other hydro pole! Then walk to the next one at a good pace, but get your breath back, then run again to the next one. I call this wogging! This is a good way to zip up your walking and burn extra fat. If you body has got used to a good walk, and you noticed the scale has stopped moving, then give this a try. But you should get some good shoes for running first. If you do this every time you go for a walk, even for half of the walk, you will notice your heart rate up, and you will break out in a sweat, but because you still walk part of the way, you will be able to go farther.

If you have fears of just running to the next hydro pole and collapsing, maybe do 1/2 that distance, or take a stop watch and run for 10 seconds type thing. You will get stronger, and it is good to have goals. You could aim to run two hydro pole lengths for every one length you walk. Try and beat your own record. If you like music to motivate you then download some tunes into your ipod, whatever it takes to get moving. If running is just not your thing, then walk fast. Anything that gets your heart rate up and your body moving. You will feel energized.

There are many running techniques to get your going. You can also join local running clubs, most towns have them. You can then run with a group for more motivation and get some instruction on any problems you may be having. Happy running!