Whether you want to run an ultra marathon or you just want to lose a couple of pounds running is a great exercise and will make a world of difference in your life.  However, usually the hardest part of becoming a runner is actually getting off the couch and getting started. Like everything in life the key to getting started is getting off on the right foot.


For the majority of new runner I would recommend by starting at a local running clinic. Most local running clinics offer free (or very cheap) introductory running clinics that will start anybody running, regardless of your physical condition.  These running clinics will teach the importance of hydration, proper running technique and will slowly build up your endurance over time. 


But the best part of running clinic is the people you’ll meet.  These clinics are a great opportunity for you to meet people in your neighborhood that are interested in running and that are typically in similar physical condition. Running is a social hobby for many people and a lot more enjoyable when you do it in a group. And remember the most important thing is that running should be fun.  If on your first run you are alone, exhausted and doubled over in pain then it is unlikely that you’ll want to go out running again. 


Before you get going there is only one more thing that you need, a good pair of running shoes.  Generally running is a very cheap hobby but the one place I always invest my money in is my running shoes.  Because everybody has difference running form and different feet I recommend going to your local running store.  The sales staff is usually running enthusiasts themselves and can’t wait to help.


Once you’re up and running here are a couple tips that you might find useful.


Focus on your Breathing

The first think I ever learned was to breathe properly while running.  Start by trying to control your breathing with a slow and regular breathe.  In through your nose and out through your mouth.  Breathing in through your nose purifies and heats the air before it enters your lungs.  This is a great tip that will help in the winter and cold weather climates.   


Relax and Lean Forward

Next relax your body and lean forward.  By leaning forward you reduce the stress on your lower back, and your decrease neck and shoulder pain as well as side stitches. Before you start your run take a deep breath which will naturally encourage correct posture.  Then release your breath but maintain the upright position by pretending that you are a puppet on a string.  You’ll notice that over the course of your run your body will become fatigue and your posture will start to droop.  Focus on your posture and try to keep good form as long as possible.  


Set a Goal

Finally the most important thing to keep your running is a goal.  I suggest setting a target of running in a 5 km race.  The goal of your first 5 km race shouldn’t be to win but by having a goal to focus on your more likely to stick to training regime. 


Welcome to a wonderful sport that I’m sure you’ll love