If you are a business owner but do not want to spend all of your time at your business, then running it from home might be a great idea for you.

The cost.

Running a business from home can still turn you a profit but it can cost money too. If you are not going to be at the business then it is a good idea for someone to be there to run it for you. Typically hiring a manager can cost more than paying a normal employee. Because they will have more responsibility, they will probably expect more pay. Make sure you hire someone you can trust to run your business. This way you can make visits to the business but do not need to be their all the time.

Choosing a manager.

Instead of just hiring a complete stranger to run your business, start looking at your current employees. See if there is anyone that stands out among the rest. If you have found an employee that is responsible, trustworthy, and would be a good leader, then you could offer them a promotion. This would be better than outsourcing because you already know their work ethic. Hiring a new person would mean you would still need to come in and see how they were doing, which would defeat the purpose of hiring them. While with an employee that has been working for you for some period of time, you would still need to come in but not as often as if they were new.

Bring work home.

Portions of many businesses can be done from the computer. If that is the case, you can bring work home with you and do it at your leisure. Ordering more inventory is a perfect example. You can have someone at the business tell you what is needed and then can go on your computer and order it from there. Make sure that the employee you have checking your inventory has accurate numbers. It might be a good idea to walk them through it the first time they do it. Not every business can go online, but many of them can. Some will also be able to make the transition much quicker than others. This can depend on many things such as employees, the product your selling, location, etc.

Be sure to research your business and see if running it from home is an option. If it turns out it is, start slow and begin to move more and more in that direction.