The alarm goes off. It is 6 am again. I sigh and slide out of bed. It is time to pound the pavement again. This is a scenario that I repeat again and again and again. I have had a love hate relationship with running for much of my life. In high school I wasn't able to participate in the more glamorous sports like football or basketball. I had to settle for cross country. I learned a lot running cross country track and this has given me a foundation to rely on through my own weight loss journey.

I wish we could all stay in our high school days. Remember when you could eat whatever you wanted and not gain a pound? I found quickly in my young adult years that you can't continue to eat like a track running high school student and expect to stay fit. I put on the pounds like no one else. It didn't help any to graduate college and get my first job placement in Nashville, TN. I found out quickly that everything in the south is deep fried and I packed on the pounds.

After months of virtually no physical activity and a terrible diet I had to change. My solution was to fall on something that was familiar. I knew from my high school days that I always felt the best in shape when I was running. I started one morning at 6 am before I headed to work. I found that I was so out of shape that even running was a painful affair. I decided quickly that I needed to start slow. I started walking and began to slowly ease into running.

The miles quickly started to pile up. I woke up and continued to pound the pavement. After a few weeks of a great diet and constant cardio the pounds started to come off. It has been a long process and I definitely do not get excited every morning to go do it but that consistency has been key in helping me to get in shape and get healthy.

Many people think that weight loss is too hard. They get in a mindset of I can't do this and I can't do that. My solution for this was to sign up for a marathon. Marathon running is an intense endeavor for any person. The thing that I love about my marathon training is the ability to break that massive 26.2 mile goal into easy bite size pieces. It also gives me a date and a financial commitment to keep me motivated and push me every day. I am an average person. I really am not a fitness fanatic. My diet involves splurges every so often. If I can lose weight and get healthier then you can too!