According to a survey, there are nearly six million people who are currently using elliptical exercise equipment. There has been a tremendous shift in the users of other formal exercise equipments to this modern technology because of a number of reasons. The list includes cost benefits, accommodation and outlook aspect, ease of maintenance of the equipment and above all stays the health benefits. Our major focus here in this article will be health benefits as this is the purpose for which an exercise machine is designed.

Among one of the most quoted reasons, one is the comprehensiveness of workout with these machines. As compared to other traditional fitness equipments, all types of elliptical machines provide upper body movements in addition to those involving the lower body parts. This feature not only provides activity of upper limbs and muscles but also helps in generating uniform metabolic activity. This uniformity in upper and lower body movements helps in synchronizing the metabolic heat generation with the natural endothermic heat production mechanisms naturally installed in human beings.

Smooth cardiovascular activity is considered to be another outstanding benefit of these contemporary exercise equipment. Gradual increase in the pace of heart beats is of great help in reducing the chances of heart stroke which is more probable to occur in case of a sheer build up in activity of heart muscles. The traditional exercise equipments have also been reported to cause cardiac muscle fatigue. The high degree of customization available in terms of stride length, resistance, inclination and other factors helps in selecting the mode of exercise according to the physical condition and strength of the user. The modes may range from simple and easy aerobics through mediocre to tougher anaerobic levels. These features are of great help to aged people and those who have suffered from any kind of heart problem in recent past. The slow and steady movements help in winning the race against fat and help the user to stay active even in case of mild ailment.

The traditional machines have long been criticized for causing joint problems. All health conscious people know the importance of bone density. With the problems like Osteoporosis and Arthritis becoming prevalent in both the genders, the awareness about the issue and recurring research proofs, everyone has become more conscious of their bone health. Where health practitioners recommending exercise with well balanced diet, people pay more attention to both positive effects and side effects of everything they use; from food to fitness instruments. The traditional machines caused problems because of jogging like effect on hard fixed surface which was damaging for joints and bones as well. The elliptical exercise equipments have solved this problem by providing a number of small and dynamic units replacing the old hard surface of the traditional equipments. This is of great help to those who are recovering from an injury, expecting mothers and older people who are at much higher risk of suffering any bone and joint damage because of continuous jumping like effects on bones.

These three are the major benefits in terms of health and fitness related issues. Other plus points of the elliptical exercise equipment include high degree of customization, cost and space saving and quick calorie burn with increase in overall body activity.