Rusk Hair Straighteners

Rusk Hair Straighteners seem to be revolutionizing the flat iron world by using heat for thermal conditioning instead of flat irons of the present and past which only seemed to dry out and damage your tresses while attempting to leave it ultra-straight and often over dried. Rusk, a division of Conair, developed their rusk hair straighteners to promote great styling techniques and the protective styling methods while styling.

What Makes the Rusk Hair Straighteners So Special?

Every Rusk flat iron is lightweight.

One of the reasons that styling tools can be so harsh on hair is the way in which you must grip down and hold it. When a flat iron is heavier in weight, it actually causes you to grip the iron tighter causing those old school irons to torch hair even more with excessive heat. The other thing that makes the rusk hair straighteners so special is that each straightener is ergonomic adding to the ease and comfort when styling hair making for a more enjoyable experience and of course less pressure and stress on the hair when you grip down to straighten your tressess.

There is also a protective outer barrier on the rusk flat iron, which helps protect the outer layer by locking in the moisture from the hair and fortifying it with the styling aid you applied before the straightening process. Having a styling aid like a hair serum or light pomade goes a long way in ensuring your hair is further protected from heat damage.

Additionally rusk hair straighteners provide even heat eliminating the hot spots on the flat iron which again provides another way for your curls to be fried in parts because the heat distribution wasn't even in the straightening process. Even distribution of heat also helps to further preserve the moisture in the hair and causes less damage in the cuticle as well.

You will also find that there is an infrared temperature range of 248 to 446 degrees Celsius, which again provides you with more control over how much heat you apply. With even distribution of heat that this rusk hair straightener boasts, you will also find that you won't have to turn up the heat setting on any rusk flatiron.

The rusk straighteners also have a very ingenious swivel cord so that you don't find yourself tangled in your flatiron when you are trying a side bang, curl or swoop technique.