Dubbed as the "face and voice of Audioboom" by Audioboom CEO Rob Proctor, Brand will be recording twice-weekly comedy podcasts alongside his radio presenting team of comedian Matt Morgan and self-styled poet laureate Mr. Gee. Brand and Morgan previously hosted The Russell Brand Show on BBC Radio 6 Music and BBC Radio 2 from 2006 to 2008, and then briefly for talkSPORT in 2013. Two 45-minute episodes will be released every Wednesday and Sunday in typical Brand fashion, including topical content, their world views, and general humor.

Brand shared, "Me and my sleeper cell of radio mates are happy to get back on the air with Audioboom, which sounds like terrorism in the earhole. Exciting."

The Russell Brand Podcast is composed of five channels, with the first one being the main podcast. The first episode of The Russell Brand Podcast aired last Wednesday, 25th February, and the second episode will transmit on Sunday, 1st March. A total of 24 shows are slated for release.

Brand will also use the Audioboom app to record and publish his thoughts on the fly through the "Russell and Matt on the Fly" channel. Additionally, Audioboom will exclusively host the best of "The Trews" audio from Brand's highly popular YouTube channel. Other channels include, "Russell Bites" and "Get Involved," a channel where fans and followers can record and share their own audio bits regarding the podcast.

A 10-minute highlight package was made available on iTunes and will additionally be broadcast across Audioboom's unique global syndication network. The Russell Brand Podcast will also be made into an hour-long show syndicated to Audioboom broadcast partners in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. Furthermore, Audioboom is currently in talks with its media sales partners—Global Radio and talkSPORT in the UK and AdLarge Media in the US—to select the perfect media sponsor for the podcasts.

As of press time, The Russell Brand Podcast has garnered around 47,000 listens, with fans uploading their own versions of the podcast jingle as requested by Brand and Morgan for possible use. 

Bigger Audience, Wider Reach

Needless to say, Proctor is "ecstatic" for being able to sign up Brand, "one of the world's most talented entertainers."

"This partnership will not only bring unique content to our platform and unique content to our users, but will also make us hugely attractive to the growing on-demand audio listeners around the world,” Proctor added.

Users all over the world are equally psyched with Brand's new podcast, as the number of registered Audioboom users jumped 64 percent to 3.14 million in 2014, ahead of Brand's arrival. At present, the UK has the most number of users with 39 percent, followed by the US at 31 percent and Australia at 10 percent. 20 percent of its users are interspersed across various countries in the world.

Audioboom's content partners, which included high-profile names like The Guardian and TIME, soared to more than 2,000, up from a mere 297 at the end of 2013. Though from its reversal into One Delta to form Audioboom last May 2014. The group still generated minimal revenues of £51,000, an increase of 13 percent from £45,000 a year earlier.

The company also raised £7.7 million last October, which will be used to fund its growth, including rolling out applications, expanding its New York and Australian offices, increasing its content curation team, and creating an audio advertising network. Since Audioboom is still in its startup phase, the company has opted not to pay an interim or final dividend as of yet, as it will channel its cash flow to continuous growth strategy. Additionally, Audioboom issued 800,000 warrants to subscribe for ordinary shares to Saxon Brute Ltd as part of a deal to supply talent and audio content to the audio platform.

After Audioboom's period of transition in 2014, Proctor indicated that this year would focus on driving the number of app downloads. Since the app's release last September 2014, it has already reached 500,000 in terms of downloads. "For us, 2014 was about content partner growth and technology advances. We went from an exceedingly low number to over 2,000 content partners and the iOS app launch was big for us," he said.

Audioboom shares spiked to 10.18 per share after the announcement of Brand's involvement in the audio platform. Beaufort Securities reiterated its "Speculative Buy" rating on Audioboom.