Russian Blue Cat Grooming and Care
Credit: Forever Photo

Russian Blue Cats always have very short coats and this means that they don’t need as much looking after in the grooming department compared to normal cats. However, they do enjoy petting and the use of a brush always makes them happy. Their coat doesn’t really change during seasons; however you will see a lot more hair on the floor when the seasons are changing.

This breed normally eats the same kind of food as others, but as always, every cat has a different appetite, so change accordingly. So I would recommend trying food and occasional changing the type just to see which your pet likes best is recommended. Make sure you don’t over-feed, although they normally stay at the same size, as they can freely roam and go to the toilet when they want, but always keep an eye on your Russian Blue Shorthair.

Following our advice, which is below, will help you keep your cat healthy and safe from problems:

Even though many say to do this, it is actually a myth. Don’t feed your animal milk, as it causes them to get upset stomachs. If you would like to give them something to drink, then there is special milk designed just for cats.

As well as this don’t allow your Russian Blue Cat play with a ball of yarn or string. As the cat could eat the string and therefore this could cause problems within their body. This could be very expensive in the long run, due to costs for surgery.

Cats can also suffer from problems which human get, such as common illnesses and diabetes. If you fear your Russian Blue has any of these problems, then make sure you check it out at your local vet, it may be nothing but making sure never hurt anyone.

Another problem which cats often get is ear mites, these, obviously, live in the cats ears. To spot this problem the cat could be leaning to one side, or you may notice a build up in the ear. If you spot either of these symptoms, then please take your cat to the vet.

Make sure there are not nay plants in the house which may cause harm. For example a plant which causes the cat to get an upset stomach. When I say make sure there are no plants in the house, I mean no plants, don’t just move them to higher places, as Russian Blue Cats can get anywhere.

  • Sneezing and hacking
  • Throwing up
  • Diarrhoea
  • Doesn’t want to eat or drink
  • Abnormal behaviour
  • Aggressiveness
  • Abnormal inactivity
Russian Blue Shorthair Cat Health
Credit: Rote Katze