Russian Diver watch is an extremely popular men's watch collection from the stable of Invicta watches. Russian Diver watches are instantly recognizable due to their distinctive designs. The sporty and casual look, enhanced by the solid built makes them a very popular option in men's watches. But in addition to these, there is an X factor that is also responsible for the popularity of Russian Diver watches. There is a certain mysterious aura, a chunk of forgotten history that is attached to these watches, that imparts a certain image and make them so highly sought after and desired.

Ok, so what exactly is the story behind Russian Diver watches? Why so much suspense, and drama associated with a mere wrist watch?

Ah, sit back, and enjoy this interesting bit of story!

The Russians Are Coming!

No need to get alarmed – the Cold War is well and truly over, and a head-to-head with Russia is a distant memory now. Yet, once upon a time, it was not the case – the Russians were always looming in the background with their larger than life reputation. And the legend of Russian Diver watches was born!

The Legend

During the late 1950s and early 1960s, the elite divers, also called frogmen, of the Russian Navy were provided with specially built wristwatches, produced in a Russian unit. These wrist watches were built to endure the rigors of deep sea diving – a very tough job indeed. The pressure at these depths was great, and a strong and well built watch was needed – and the watches issued to divers fulfilled that purpose.

The design of the watches issued to the Russian divers was singularly military style – tough, bare and stark. It had just two hands – for telling minutes and hours. Only alternate hours – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 were marked in large, Arabic numerals. The diameter was a huge 55-60 mm.

Invicta Russian Diver Watches

When Invicta introduced its line of Russian Diver watches – an interesting story started doing the rounds. It went something like this – The Invicta Russian Diver watches were named so as a tribute to Russian divers. What is the connection between Invicta and Russian Navy divers? According to the story, Invicta was commissioned by Russian Navy to make those watches, and the design of the Invicta watches closely resembled that of the watches made for the actial divers – the frogmen.

This legend spread around with the urgency of a wildfire. The Invicta company apparently never confirmed or denied the rumors. Probably, they were laughing all the way to the bank – the Russian Divers watches were selling in heaps and loads!

Myth or Truth?

So, is the legend a myth? or is there some truth in the story? – that Invicta Russian diver watches are modeled on the actual watches that Invicta made for Russian Navy?

Well, here is the revelation – hold your breath!

The story is partly fact, and partly myth.

Myth – Invicta NEVER made any watches for Russian Navy or divers. It was never commissioned for this task.

Fact – The design of Invicta Russian Diver watches is INDEED based on, and closely resembles the design of the actual watches issued to the Russian Navy divers – during the heydays of the Cold War – between 1955 and 1965.

So, why has Invicta never come out in the open? Why don't they deny the story completely and unequivocally? Hmm, because it makes good marketing sense, that's why! Otherwise, why would I spend an hour writing this article, and you spend your time reading it!