You can create all kinds of works of art from recycled wood. Creating can be fun, especially if you like to paint. I love to paint, and I found wood to be a great base for painting on, even if the surface is a little rough. I personally like it better than a canvas, as I find its imperfections adds to the picture I am painting.

So, if you have a woodworker in the family or you know one, who may be scrapping short pieces, especially 1 x 10s (1 inch by 10 inch) and at least a foot long or more. These can be made intocountry wood crafts, such as wall hangings. I was always picking through the scrap pile, when we were building our house for crafts to sell at the local market. Many people bought these as rustic art, so I kept the art rustic. (which means I did not try to make the surface perfect, just clean)

Acrylic Painting

For a wall hanging, a 1 x 10 inch piece of pine, between 2 and 3 feet long, is a great piece for painting on. Wood takes acrylic paints very well, but if you are planning on paintingwood crafts bird a solid color first, then you should paint it first with a primer. This will seal the surface so that you don't have to use so much of your expensive paint to paint it solid.


In the picture you see of the bird. I chose a subject that would work well with the 10 inches wide and 3 foot long plank. I lightly sanded the surface and got rid of all sanding dust, and then primed it and then painted it a solid dark midnight blue (acrylic paint), then painted the white bird on it. I wanted the bird to "pop" off the wood, so that is why I painted the surface in this case.

If you are wanting to use the natural color for the background then you don't need to use a primer. If the wood has aged, this can make a great rustic craft, as it can be a part of your picture. You can leave the surface rough or sand it smooth, but try and get rid of any rough bits around the edges, you don't want to be giving people splinters as they look at your items.

Image Transfer


Omni-Gel 8-Ounce Transfer Medium
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I use this one for my transfer projects.

 If you love to create, but painting is not your favorite craft, you can do many other things with wood. Using recycled, you can sand it flat (this will take the image better) and get rid of any sanding dust. Take a laser photo copy, mirror image, of your scene or picture or whatever picture you feel would work well on your piece, and then paint it with image transfer gel. (You can get this at the craft store) and then place your image face down on the gel.

Rub it gently on the back making sure not to get any gel on the back of the picture, but get out any air bubbles. (Remember to put on the gel quite thick) once dry, you can then gently, with water rub the paper off with your finger (the transfer medium gel comes with instructions). The image gets trapped in the transfer medium and has a translucent look to it, which can look really stunning on a piece of wood.

You can then add other pictures like a collage or paint a scene, or whatever you would like to add to this picture. Another great way to add an image to this wood craft, would be to use a black and white picture and then transfer it to the wood, and leave that way, or color in parts of the picture, creating altered art.

Once your transfer and artwork is dry, you should add at least 2 coats of water based varnish to protect your country wood craft. I should add, that this looks best if you hang it like a rustic piece of art with two hole at the top and some rope or twine is used for hanging the picture on the wall. This is a great way to recycle wood, and gives you a free surface for your creativity. Even with slight warps, these country wood crafts can look rustic and quaint.

Country Wood Crafts - Get Ideas

 If you have found a piece of wood that looks good, finding the perfect picture idea for the wood is your next step. Try to keep in mind that your wood craft is narrow and long, so something tall works well, such as a bird or tall skinny object. Or fill it with transferred pictures like a collage.

Look through craft magazines, not to copy, but to get inspired and get some ideas of what to put on this piece of wood. Go through your photo albums for pictures that you could blow up and take photo copies of for a photo transfer if you do not wish to paint freehand on your wood craft. (the transfer tends to be translucent which can show some of the wood grain through, which is a nice effect)

Country Wood Crafts - Tiny Pieces of Art

 You don't have to create large works of art with recycled wood. I watched someone on Ebay sell a tiny painting on a piece of pine wood 2 inches x 3 inches for over 100 dollars! I am not saying you can get that much, but that piece of wood was probably headed for the scrap pile, and now it is a piece of art on someone's wall.

Country wood crafts can be created out of any scraps of wood and any size. You can even use those lightweight shim shingles for works of art. Your imagination is your limit! So, if you are looking for a different style for your art, or are getting bored with a canvas, then consider wood crafts, especially recycled wood crafts, they are free!

You just might be the next artist selling them online. Little pieces of wood can have a key hole hanger in the back, so that they only need to sit on a nail on the wall. These look good grouped together. Have fun with rustic, recycled country wood crafts.

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